Cass Art How To Videos - watch the series below

Cass Art How To Videos - watch the series below

Posted by Cass Art on 10th Feb 2021

Watch our Staff Artist Emilio Wroth talk through how to use some of the materials we love, and create some eye catching pieces of art in the process! So sit back, get out your art toolkit and try something new today.

Drawing with pencil and charcoal

Learn about different lead weights, aquarelle pencils and graphite. Watch our Staff Artist Emilio as he builds his drawing of a rhino with a combination of different pencils and charcoal, and see the effects you can achieve with blenders.

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Brush Markers

Watch this trio-toned portrait come to life. Learn all about different types of brush markers from Tombow to Winsor & Newton, see the marks you can achieve and how they behave like paint when mixed with water. 

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Masking Fluid

See how you protect areas of your paper surface with Molotow Graphx Art Masking Fluid pens and Winsor and Newton Masking Fluid when painting using watercolour. Watch our colourful tiger jump out of the page!

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Lino Cutting

Using our Essdee Cutting and Printing kit to create a print you might just recognise! Get all of the hints and tips you need to create a lino cut print of your own - perfect for everything from art prints to cards.

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From mixing FW Acrylic inks to using dip pens, learn about the versatility of this medium today and watch as Emilio builds up layers of ink to create his striking Koi Carp illustration.

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Colouring Pencils

Watch our Cass Art Brighton Staff Artist Emilio Wroth talk through how to use some of the materials we love and create some inspirational pieces of art in the process! In this video we're exploring colouring pencils - from Faber-Castell and Derwent, and our very own Cass Collection watercolour pencils. Watch how you can create bright and eye catching drawings with pencils - and how to use water to blend the colours like paint.

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Air Drying Clay

Perfect for little creative hands and the young at heart! Follow along with our video and create your own turtle air drying DAS clay sculpture. Learn tips on using this versatile and fun material.

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Cleaning Brushes

Brush cleaning can be an art in itself! Learn how to properly care for your brushes and how to keep them fresh for years of creativity - using our Cass Collection cleaner and Masters Cleaner.

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