Celebrating Our Frontline Workers

Celebrating Our Frontline Workers

Posted by Cass Art on 14th May 2020

From supermarket shop assistants, to bus, train, delivery drivers to teachers looking after vulnerable children – Over the last 7 weeks we’ve seen wonderful tributes made to the brave workers on the front line from all over the world. So we wanted them to know how much the work they’re doing means to us by sharing the public’s creative adoration for their courage.

Since lockdown began we’ve been paying tribute to all the above by asking our community to create artworks paying homage to them in the fight against Covid-19. Each week we’ve been sharing their artworks created in tribute on our channels. Below you can see full list of works of our #cassapplause online exhibition thus far.

We’ve highlighted some specifically to give you some more context into a selection of the works. Some of the artists share with us who the work is about, why they created it and/or what it means to them to celebrate our front line workers.

Natasha Deacon, @Moonstruc

Steve Chall, Elena Russu, Mahesh Kumar

Steve Chall - ‘For me genuinely this was all about giving thanks to those amazing NHS frontline staff...whom I know many and also was treated by them years ago... ‘I just think with what we are unfortunately facing, being creative can really help, with so many things’

Zoe Winton

Zoe Winton - is an NHS Nurse who is using her lunchbreaks in A&E to sketch some of her colleagues on the frontline. For each portrait she does she follows it with a picture of her subjects holding their portraits.

Cleo Harris-Seatons, Robyn Boyle, Michele Ashby

Cleo Harris-Seatons work incorporates hand written thank you’s from a range of people who wanted to show their appreciation of the NHS.

Natalia Lewandowski, @Kaihu.art, Katherine Paisley

Natalia Lewandowski - decided to paint a collection of large scale artworks depicting abounded hospitals and old police stations around London. Usually a 35% of the final sale of artwork goes to the gallery, but Natalia has decided to donate this portion to the NHS. She is holding ebay auctions with the highest bidder receiving her artworks, a handwritten thank you card and donation receipt.

Katherine Paisley drew her friend Abbie who is a 2nd year medical student based in the West Midlands and currently providing clinical support

Kayi Lab

Kayi Lab -Meet my friend, Valentina. She is a medical doctor in Italy, had the virus and recovered, and now has gone back to work on the frontline. Today she told me she hadn’t slept much recently, and it breaks my heart. Yes, while you and me are dreaming about getting a haircut when the lockdown is over, some people are actually busy saving lives while risking their own.

Alexandra Baldwin, Lucy Homer, Dean Ashton

Dean Ashton -  painting one of his friends Shaun Watson who is a clinical nurse specialising in HIV care who has been redeployed into critical care wards to help with the increase intake due to Covid-19.

@hrc_illustraes, Libi H, Rizwan Hamer

@Hrc_illustrates - work portrays front line workers and she very generously is sell copies for £4 with all proceeds going to the NHS

Rizwan Hamer - As a physician in the NHS every day I see amazing nurses comfort patients - sometimes at the peril of their own wellbeing. This is dedicated to all those amazing human beings it is my honour to work with’

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