Digital Exhibition: The Contemporary British Portrait Painters

Digital Exhibition: The Contemporary British Portrait Painters

Posted by Cass Art on 7th Jul 2020

The inaugural exhibition of the Contemporary British Portrait Painters (CBPP), aims to question perceptions and pre-conceptions about portraiture, and to look at one another with a fresh perspective. Enjoy over 35 contemporary artworks, all 30x30cm, that explore the human figure, and find different ways to express this never-ending challenge across a myriad of styles, from hyperreal studies to gestural abstractions. We’re very excited to be able to finally share with a virtual walkthrough of the Perceptions show at the Space at our Islington Flagship. Thanks to the amazingly talented people at The Net Gallery you can now take part in a virtual visit and view the exhibition on your tablet, phone or PC.

=We spoke to Richard Unwin from Net Gallery about this groundbreaking process.

"The Net Gallery is built around the use of 3D scanning technology to turn physical exhibitions into virtual experiences. We worked with fifteen CBPP artists in May for the Portraits for NHS Heroes which was an offshoot of an amazing initiative started by artist and CBPP member Tom Croft. Having seen how amazingly talented the members of the CBPP are, we were keen to scan the ‘Perceptions’ exhibition at Cass Art to enable people to also experience that show virtually. Our scans involve using a special camera to shoot 360 degree images of the exhibition space. The footage is then processed to produce an interactive virtual model and walkthrough that you can freely move around in - almost as if you’re there in person. The goal is to capture the space and the artwork, so that you can get a real sense of how the exhibition looks, and how different pieces sit next to, and relate to one another. It’s been great to work with the CBPP founder, Ian Goldsmith, as well as the other artists, in putting it all together, and we hope the walkthrough helps expose their work to a wider audience.”

About the CBPP

The Contemporary British Portrait Painters collective was founded in 2018 by artist Ian Goldsmith in order to create an independent, artist run collective, to celebrate and give voice to contemporary British portraiture. Eighteen months later the group is already forty strong, and includes previous prize winners of the National Portrait Gallery’s Portrait Award, artists previously featured on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, and artists with many other prestigious accolades.  

All photos © Net Gallery

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