Discover Cass Art Online Curated Bundles

Discover Cass Art Online Curated Bundles

Posted by Cass Art on 26th Jul 2021

Five exceptional online bundles to suit every creative practice. Professional artist or creative hobbyist, our bundles have everything you need for your next project. Carefully curated with products paired to perfection so you can focus on your creativity. Plus, save up to £20 when you purchase as a bundle! 

We’ve worked with some incredible artists to showcase the potential of our Cass Art bundles. Learn something new, find ideas for your next project or simply sit back watch our videos and be inspired to choose the right bundle for you today.

Cass Art Artists' Watercolour Set

This professional bundle includes our signature Artist Watercolour set of 12 10ml tubes, a set of 5 Cass Art professional sable brushes and an A4 cold-pressed watercolour 300gsm gummed pad. Discover the richness of Cass Art watercolour pigments and experiment with the possibility of the medium today. Buy the Cass Art Artist's Watercolour Set today.

Contents Included

Fruit Painting Demonstration with Jola Sopek

Cass Art Artists' Oil Paint Bundle 

Put brush to canvas and create your next masterpiece with the Cass Art Artists’ Oil Bundle. With everything you need for your next project including a set of 10 37ml Artist Oil paints, pack of 3 Cass Art Cotton Canvas 16x20 and set of 6 Grey Synthetic Brushes - it’s the perfect introduction to our professional oil paint collection. Buy the Cass Art Artists' Oil Paint Bundle today.

Contents Included

Cass Art Marker Drawing Bundle 

Perfect for illustrators and designers this bundle includes a set of 12 Cass Art Alcohol Markers. Experiment with blending bold colour on the bleed proof surface of our Cass Art Marker Pad A3 and finish with a flourish of black line with a set of 8 Sakura Fineliners. Buy the Cass Art Marker Drawing Bundle today. 

Contents Included

Architecture Drawing Tutorial with Jennifer Court

Cass Art Acrylic Paint Bundle 

A complete kit to get you started with acrylic painting. Experiment with our signature set of 8 75ml bold acrylics and try different application techniques on a set of 3 Cass Art Cotton Canvas 16x20 with our set of 6 white synthetic brushes or our wooden handled set of 5 palette knives. Buy the Cass Art Acrylic Paint Bundle today. 

Contents Included

Abstract Acrylic Painting Demonstration with Connie Viney

Cass Art Watercolour Travel Bundle 

A compact artist quality set with everything you need on the go. Including 18 quarter pans of artist quality watercolour in a handy travel pouch, 300 gsm watercolour postcards pad with 15 sheets to experiment with and our set of 6 white synthetic brushes. Buy the Cass Art Watercolour Travel Bundle today. 

Contents Included

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