"How to Draw" - Urban Landscape tips by Jake Spicer

"How to Draw" - Urban Landscape tips by Jake Spicer

Posted by Cass Art on 6th Jun 2018

What’s stopping you from learning how to draw?

Is it that you don’t know where to start, or perhaps you don’t know what to draw?

Our favourite drawing tutor Jake Spicer has created a complete course in drawing, within one easy-to-digest book, aptly titled “How to Draw”. The lessons and exercises range from five minutes to over an hour, covering every subject and location, from still life to portraits. These carefully balanced lessons naturally follow on from each other, giving you exactly what they need to gain confidence as an artist.

In the excerpt below, Jake Spicer guides us through how to draw an urban scene, perfect for those on-the-go sketches on holiday or in familiar streets. This tiny but mighty book will be your companion along the road of learning to draw this summer!

What you'll need:


  • 20-45 minutes


  • Find somewhere you can comfortably sketch for as long as you need.

Establish the overall composition of the scene, thinking about where you will place buildings. Start with a light line to establish shapes and draw over with a more confident line when you have decided where the emphasis will be.

Urban sketch initial composition


Draw into the composition any interesting details and elements that catch your eye. Again, work lightly and confidently, drawing bolder lines over your initial marks once you are confident of their position.

Urban sketch with added details


Use the grey felt-tip to add simple blocks of tone, adding depth and focus to the scene. Be selective with where you place the tone, thinking about the design of your drawing.

Finished urban sketch

Feeling inspired?