How To: Montana Gold Spray Paint

by Cass Art

A fast-drying, drip-free acrylic lacquer, Montana Gold Spray Paint is perfect for artists who want to use spray paint with a higher accuracy than ever before. Developed specially with a low-pressure system, you can spray with a new level of control, the colour releasing with ease with the lightest touch of your finger.

Available in a wide variety of classic and fluorescent shades, you can layer the colours within seconds of each other because the spray paint dries so quickly.

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Montana Gold Spray Paint can be applied to canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass and even heavyweight paper.  If you wish to use it to spray on a wall – legally, of course! – then be sure to brush off any excess dirt before starting.

You may have noticed that the cans do not come with lids – instead there is a small black disc called a washer, which sits beneath the golden cap and prevents the paint spraying before you want it to.

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Once you have removed the washer, the cap clicks back on easily, and then you are ready to start spraying straight away. Shake the can well before use to loosen the pigments and spray with the purest colour possible.

Spray lightly but build the colour up as much as you like, using sweeping motions back and forth to cover an area evenly and avoid any drips. 

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Whilst you can use Montana Spray Paint indoors, it is strongly advised that it should only be used in a highly ventilated area and if you are wearing a protective mask. It is lead-free and nearly odourless, but still highly flammable, so it is recommended that you mostly use it outside. To spray on plastics and ensure it has longevity, you can use a plastic primer which you can find in our Soho or Kingston branches. 


If your cap becomes blocked and struggles to disperse paint, hold the can upside down and spray for ten seconds to clear the nozzle. Make sure you do this at the end of every spraying session, just to clear the tube for next time.

They come with a standard level cap, but you can buy additional caps and caps in different widths here.

Feeling inspired?

Get ready to spray away with Montana Gold Spray Paint, and purchase the fatmedium, and thin spray nozzles separately if you have worn out your old ones, or simply want a different effect.

Shop online as Cass Art is currently offering 4 cans for £20.

Grab yourself some masking tape to map out some neat edges, and buy some stencil board from our Islington flagship for making letters and shapes. Don’t forget an apron, either – spray paints can get messy!

More Montana videos can be found on the Montana x Berlin Boombox Youtube channel. 

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