"Joy to the World" Hand Lettered Christmas Card

"Joy to the World" Hand Lettered Christmas Card

Posted by Mellor & Rose on 7th Dec 2021

Mellor & Rose Calligraphy are Calligraphers and Lettering tutors based in Leafy Lytham St Annes, North West of England. Beverley Mellor, Polly Mellor and Lucy Mellor host Modern Calligraphy, Brush Lettering and Chalk Lettering Workshops across Lancashire, Merseyside, Cumbria & Yorkshire at a whole variety of venues - They are constantly broadening our scope to reach as many calligraphy fans as we can!

Here's a wonderful tutorial from Mellor & Rose to get those creative juices flowing and get you decorating those Christmas cards this festive season. Enjoy!

Pens used:
Tombow N15 black
Tombow 296 Green
Fine tip sharpie
Kraft card

Step 1

We begin by using a square kraft card and firstly pencilling in our lettering design - you can see here I have ruled three lines for my text to sit upon.
I can then pencil in my greeting and play around a little with the layout!
I then use a Tombow brush pen and using the large brush tip to letter over ‘Joy’ in the pencil letters in brush calligraphy script style.

Step 2

Using the fine tip at the other end of the Tombow (it’s a clever pen!) I letter in the fine upright letters to add contrast and interest!

Step 3

I then finish by using the lovely broader flexible brush tip to letter in ‘World’ - the lettering is now complete.

Step 4

To add a little festive goodness, I draw decorative holly and berries - firstly outlining the leaves in a green Tombow - use the fine tip draw your shape and fill in with a couple of brush strokes. A bright red fine tip sharpie is used for the berries and voila! A lovely hand lettered festive greeting card - happy lettering everyone!