Liquitex Paint In Action: Watch Artists At Work

by Cass Art

To inspire your painting and celebrate one of the world's leading paint brands, we wanted to share some exciting videos that show Liquitex in action.

Whether you want to paint portraits, landscapes, wall murals, get hands-on and messy, create fine details or go for big bold colours, Liquitex painting materials have got you covered, and there are several artists out there using the intermixable qualities to their advantage.

Watch on as artists Hannah Adamaszek, Dan Kitchener and Monkidoe use Liquitex to create their mixed media artworks.

Hannah Adamaszek shows off her speed painting skills using a combination of Liquitex Professional Spray Paint, Liquitex Professional Ink, Liquitex Professional Heavybody and Liquitex Paint Markers. She paints vibrant, pop-art style portraits that look alive with the energy of all those materials!

Dan Kitchener uses Liquitex Paint Markers and Liquitex Spray Paint to help create his urban landscapes, covering large areas but also allowing him to add in details.

Monkidoe works with Liquitex Professional Spray Paint to create large-scale portraits with gestural strokes and bold line work. 

Feeling inspired?

Shop Liquitex paint materials online and in-store and explore their mixed media possibilties in your own artwork.

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