LUX with Emma-Leone Palmer

LUX with Emma-Leone Palmer

Posted by Cass Art Staff on 9th Feb 2022

LUX is an interactive immersive art installation set within 6000sq ft in the heart of Runnymede at the AddlestoneOne complex. Conceived by renowned artist Emma-Leone Palmer and devised by technical collaborators Reel Craft, the project will see the artist spend one month working on one of her largest pieces to date whilst integrating the latest LED technology and motion capture techniques to change the colour of the space as she creates. The project aims to showcase the home grown culture within Addlestone and to provide a showcase usually more of ten seen in nearby London. It aims to attract the wider community, business opportunities, partners of Runnymede Council and the opportunity to inspire. The journey of project LUX will be captured throughout and published on social media alongside the production of a documentary focused on the project as a whole, from inception to the final piece.

About Emma-Leone Palmer

ELP is an international British figurative painter who explores the complexity of the human mind in her hypnotic original oil paint- ings. Graduating in 2005, Emma moved to Umbria in Italy, where her love of figurative painting blossomed at a studio once used by the High Renaissance painter Raphael. She went on to hold a solo exhibition at Watts Gallery, win the London Contemporary Art Prize, appear on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, where she painted the film star Richard E. Grant and became known for her iconic ‘Paint-Play’ series. With a celebrity following, her work is owned by the British Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies. Amongst numerous online articles, she has appeared in Fine Art Collector magazine, Emboss and Mayfair Times. The contemporary painter’s solo show Afterglow

‘Afterglow is a body of some of the most exciting and energising work in oils I’ve seen since my early days at Art School in the 1990s. Emma has absolutely captured the NOW but done it with the flawless technique of a Classicists’

-Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen

‘We exist in ‘spaces’, mental spaces, physical spaces, spiritual spaces, virtual spaces. Over the last 18 months our space has been re-defined, magnetised. The physical body, over the pandemic has become a taboo, our head space both contracts and dilates. Our connecting to technology has been amplified. Making art is one of the defining characteristics of the human species. As a classical, figurative, oil painter I commit to the time, experience and connection that creating a painting commands. I paint our expressive ‘body’ and how it interacts with our personal sphere and energy. Painting WITH my body, It comes from my core, through my shoulder and fingers. The idea that technology ‘watches’ and interprets my bodily movements through this immersive light experience, adds another level to our ‘fast forward’ our ‘new era’ commenting on how we exist within it.’

-Emma-Leone Palmer

As seen in the Renaissance, science and art go hand in hand with our evolution. The concept is for artist ELP to paint in the traditional medium of oils over a period of one month, a large, site specific ’Afterglow’ canvas in an empty commercial unit in Addlestone Surrey. The painter will be surrounded by interactive lights and her motion mapped. En- abled by technology, she will be lit up with pulsing colours so that the space will change according to how the artist moves throughout the painting process, creating an immersive experience, heightening the mood, flow-state and perceptions of both artist and viewer whilst highlighting the space she inhabits. This will create a ‘light record’ enveloping the finished painting in the final view.


You can also read the a full interview we did with Emma last year for our lockdown series Art in Isolation.

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