Meet the Artists: The Other Art Fair, London

Meet the Artists: The Other Art Fair, London

Posted by Cass Art on 24th Jun 2021

Presented by Saatchi Art, The Other Art Fair London is the UK’s leading artist fair to buy direct from independent and emerging artists. From 1st - 4th July 2021, the Fair will present the work of 110 forward-thinking contemporary artists, handpicked by a committee of art world experts. We caught up with three of the artists taking part in the fair, Sophia Oshodin, Evy Meehan and Patrick Morales-Lee to hear more about their work and what you can expect to see at the fair.

At The Other Art Fair they make art accessible, whether you are an art browser or looking to start your collection, there is something for everyone. Discover 1000s of artworks, with prices from £100 and every style, plus all prices are clearly marked. The covered outdoor venue will be the ideal place for art lovers to safely unite this Summer. Visit to the Fair, say hi to the artists, and enjoy art differently.


Hi Sophia! What can people expect to find at your stand at The Other Art Fair?

People can expect to find figurative storytelling artworks inspired by everyday life and community interactions, with a connection to family, love and strength. Works that radiate joy, explore family relations and topics such as the complexity of navigating everyday life, COVID-19 impacts and the role of women in society. I will bring a few prints with me. My work ranges are medium to large size canvas. Some of the work in the Meet the Artists video will be included as well. I have created a limited collection for The Other Art Fair from the series of works that I have been working on. This Movement Series is exploring the struggles and complexity of navigating through everyday life. 

Your work is so vibrant and joyous, it has an energy that radiates from the canvas! Tell us about your process and the materials you use in your work. Which art supplies work best for your practice?

All my concept starts from a mini sketchbook. From there, I decided to draw my figures in a large format on canvas using a pencil or charcoal to enable me to establish a composition with the shape and details. Once I am satisfied with the full details. I then start with layers of underneath painting with burnt umber, and I slowly build it up with more colour palette. I play with shapes and shadows until everything starts to come together. I like utilising my canvas along with the storyline before I get to the finished piece. 

The medium working with at the moment is Acrylic and Gouache. The materials I use are linen canvas or extra-fine canvas. I use Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic in various colours. I also use Amsterdam, standard and expert series. Other brands I like using are Golden paint and Winsor & Newton products. 

What’s next for you after the fair?

After the fair, I have a couple of commissioned paintings I will start working on. I also have two shows coming up after the fair. From July to August Mother of Mankind group show ADA Contemporary Art Gallery and Femininity Defined an online group show, with Black girls Who Paint. I am also planning for a solo exhibition for 2022. You can follow me on Instagram @sophiaoshodinart or take a look at my website for updates. Figurative Artist | Sophia Oshodin Art



Hi Evy! What can people expect to find at your stand at The Other Art Fair?

I am very excited to be back at The Other Art Fair London. I missed out on both London and Brooklyn edition last year due to pandemic. I will have original work dating from 2018 and the newest paintings from 2021. There will be variety of sizes. I have started new series called ‘Awaiting’ which is my response for the current battle with Covid. My new work is full of bright colours, has light feel to it. It embraces positivity, encourages happy thoughts and fights negative emotions. 

Your work has a careful balance between abstraction and illusionistic painting. Tell us about your process and the materials you use in your work. What are your favourite supplies?

I use acrylic paints/inks on canvas. The fact that they dry very fast was what’s drawn me to them. I am very impatient with my art so if I have an idea in my head I would like to translate it on to the canvas immediately. My favourite brands are Daler Rowney-System 3, Amsterdam for paints/inks, for surface I usually go for medium grain cotton canvas from Loxley Gold

First I chose my colour pallet and that determines what ‘feel’ the painting will have. You will be surprised but the colour I use the most is titanium white and indigo. I buy them by the buckets. I usually work on just one painting at the time. My first step is to place few simple shapes to achieve 3D feel and depth which draws me in.

I listen to music. I don’t have particular style, it could be classical, pop, musicals. It distracts me so I don’t overthink my next move. Most of my paintings are inspired by contemporary architecture or interiors. I always look for new projects featured on Instagram and save them to my ‘creative bank’ so I can flick through it from time to time when I am stuck. I am never 100% sure when the painting is finished. It takes some time. I always spend hours looking and going back to it. There is always that risk to overwork it, and that’s why I take my time.

What’s next for you after the fair?

As you know the current situation we are all in doesn’t really allow to plan much. I am busy with commissions and a gallery show this summer. I hope this Autumn I will be able to exhibit with The Other Art Fair in London and Brooklyn. I have been nominated for the ‘Kate Bryan Prize’. If I am lucky enough to win this it will open many more opportunities. I would love to be associated with SOHO House. You can follow me on Instagram @evymeehan.



Hi Patrick! What can people expect to find at your stand at The Other Art Fair?

It will be a mix of original drawings and a number of different prints, so it should be a really good example of what I do, plus it gives a number of different price points, so it fits any kind of buyer. At the fair I will be launching a new print ‘Capirote', that I’ve done especially for the fair, which is a 2 colour screenprint, I’ve done 2 colour options, a pink and green one, editions of 50 for each, these are priced at £160. The cheapest will be a giclee print of my drawing “Admission’, which will be going for £120. Then at the far end of costs, I’ll be showing a newly produced large drawing which is 122 x 152cm, so a real beast, this is selling at £4,000.

It’s really interesting how you combine drawing with painting. Can you tell us about your process and the materials you use in your work. Are there certain supplies you can’t do without?

I’ve always been a huge fan of Patrick Caulfield, the aesthetic of his work just strikes a chord with me. So I’ve always wanted to bring colour into my work and when I first started experimenting with using pencil/charcoal with paint, I liked the contrast between the mediums, but it did take a handful of works till it started to work how I wanted it too. The start of any piece begins with a photoshoot, I hire models/friends and do a number of shots, poses based on ideas of little made up ceremonies in my head. I then use my laptop as a sketchbook, working out compositions, colours, what areas are flat and so on. Once I have something I’m happy with, it moves to the paper, I generally do the pencil work first, I use Faber-Castell pencils, as personally find these the best.  As the drawing develops, it never ends up looking like the sketch done in photoshop, with any art, you start a dialogue with the piece as you push through it. 

What’s next for you after the fair?

I have a drawing in the ‘Figurative Art Now” online exhibition, which is connected to the Mall Galleries, this opens next month, so am excited about that. I'm also longlisted for The Sequested Prize, which is a new Self Portrait prize, which has an amazing and huge list of judges within the art world, so just waiting to hear if I make it into the final 15 of that. Later in the year, I am hoping to take up the residency prize that I won last year, which is 3 weeks in the south of France. Sadly it was meant to happen earlier this year, but it got postponed due to Covid. But Nicky at NG Art Creative Residency, has been amazing about moving dates and overall just really supportive. Part of the prize is also a 3-week solo show at Galerie Heimat in France, this is now planned for Spring 2022, so very excited about this also. I’m also entering things regularly, so things are always popping up, best thing is to follow me on Instagram, which is @patrickmoraleslee.

Feeling inspired?

The Other Art Fair runs 1st – 4th July 2021 at West Handyside Canopy, 1 Wharf Road, King’s Cross, London, N1C 4BZ. Cass Art customers can enjoy two complimentary tickets to the fair from Friday – Sunday, by using the promo code CASSGUEST when booking their time slot. Find out more here