Quality of Results: Brand New QoR Watercolours

Quality of Results: Brand New QoR Watercolours

Posted by Cass Art on 3rd Jun 2018

Pronounced "core", QoR stands for Quality of Results, and the brand hit the US market last November and are new to the UK market of art supplies. We've snapped up the QoR watercolours to sell exclusively online at Cass Art, and you can read on to find out what's so unique about them... 

QoR Watercolour Paint

The QoR watercolours come in 83 colours, all with maximum lightfastness and permanence and intense colours that stay vibrant even after drying. 

The paints include a unique binder called aquazol that disperses a great amount of colour, so you can be sure of colour brilliance.

Smooth and vibrant, they offer a density of colour with every brushstroke.

The exciting thing about these watercolours is that they've been released with their own grounds and mediums which can be applied to any surface, whether that's wood, glass or metal, and then you can use the watercolour to directly paint onto those surfaces. That means they're opening doors with what's possible in terms of surfaces, and the kinds of objects on which you can use watercolour. 

The QoR watercolours are durable and resilient, so don't crack or flake over time even with heavy coats of paint.

Finally, they're wonderfully resoluble, so even after weeks of the paint being dry you can add water and continue with your painting.

Don't just take our word for it - watch the video below to see the qualites of Qor Watercolour Paint for yourself.

Feeling inspired?

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