Screen Printing Christmas Cards with Kerry Lemon

Screen Printing Christmas Cards with Kerry Lemon

Posted by Cass Art on 11th Dec 2020

Artist Kerry Lemon gets us in the festive spirit with this Christmas card screen-printing using the System 3 Screen-Printing kit. Why not give it a go and add a personal touch to your cards this Christmas? 

Materials used:

In this video Kerry uses The System 3 Acrylic Screen Printing Set which really has everything you need to start screen printing at home, including instructions and tips. You can use it to print acrylics onto fabrics, paper, canvas or board without the involvement of any solvents. 

This set contains:

  • Wooden Frame (41cm x 55cm) with high quality mesh
  • Squeegee (28.5cm x 8mm)
  • 5 x 75ml Tubes System 3 (Vermillion Hue, Ultramarine, Process Yellow, Process Black and Titanium White)
  • 260ml System 3 Textile Printing Medium
  • 130ml System 3 Screen Printing Medium
  • 29.5ml System 3 Screen Drawing Fluid
  • 130ml System 3 Removable Screen Block
  • Plastic Mixing Spatula
  • Step-by-Step Project Sheet

About Kerry Lemon

Kerry Lemon is famous for her brave approach in illustration, architecture, sculpture and paintings, recognised by her majesty the Queen herself. Her work is always inspired by nature as she is fascinated by the natural world and translates her ideas into a multidisciplinary practice including monumental sculptures and mixed media paintings 

You can see Kerrys full portfolio of work here.

Feeling Inspired?

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