Posted by Cass Art on 2nd May 2022

Want to develop your practice or try something different? Discover new effects and new ways of working with these video tips and techniques from Liquitex.

Introducing Liquitex Heavy Body Fluorescent Colours

Liquitex latest addition to their paint range comes in the form of this set contains all 6 of the Fluorescent colours which are easy to handle, vibrant, long-lasting, mix well and dry fast. Renowned for their rich, buttery consistency, the Heavy Body range from Liquitex is especially good for thick impasto and heavy applications, retaining brushstrokes and peaks

Acrylic Skin Collage with Liquitex Heavybody

You can make a skin from a wide variety of Liquitex paints, mediums and texture gels, to achieve a range of effects. Each colour and medium will give a different quality to your end result.

Impasto Palette Knife Portrait with Liquitex Heavybody

Lay it on thick. Watch as strokes of richly textured Heavy Body colour are layered together for dynamic highlights and contrast. This video demonstrates how to use a palette knife and thick applications of Heavy Body to create an impasto portrait.

Monoprinting Botanicals with Liquitex Heavy Body Paint

Looking for the smooth application of print making with the thick texture of an impasto? This video demonstrates how to use Heavy Body color to create beautifully layered monoprint botanicals.

Feeling Inspired?

You can explore the full Liquitex range here.