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Frenchman Nicolas Conté was a classic 18th-century Renaissance man: a chemist, inventor, soldier and balloonist as well as artist. Most importantly for our purposes, he created the pencil as we know it, responding to a wartime lack of British graphite by mixing the material with clay, thereby introducing the possibility of different degrees of hardness. He then went on to invent the Conté Carré Crayon, a firm pastel used by Degas and Picasso, among others. The company is still justly famed for these and its other ranges of pastels, crayons and pencils.

Conté à Paris
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  1. Conte Soft Pastel Pack of 50

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  2. Conte a Paris Carres Sketching Crayon Set of 4

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  3. Conte a Paris Graphite Pencils 3H to 6B Set of 12

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  4. Conte a Paris Sketching Box Set of 21

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  5. Conte Carres Crayon Traditional Set of 12

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  6. Conte a Paris Graphite Drawing Set of 6


  7. Conte a Paris Putty Eraser


  8. Conte Soft Pastel Pack of 20

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  9. Conte Soft Pastel Pack of 10

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  10. Conte a Paris Paper Blending Stumps and Eraser Accessories Set of 5