Lamy Pens

Hailing from Germany, Lamy pens are recognised throughout the world for their timeless design and premium quality. Choose either a ballpoint pen or a beautifully designed fountain pen, including the iconic Safari design, available in a choice of eight colours. Lamy pens are invaluable tools for writing and note taking – plus you can really express your individuality and create your own signature with their choice of unusual and vibrantly coloured ink cartridges. Ideal for anyone who loves to write by hand, a Lamy pen makes an enduring and special gift.

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  1. Lamy Al Star Fountain Pen


    Available in 2 colours
  2. Lamy Joy Fountain Pen


    Available in 2 sizes
  3. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen


    Available in 8 colours
  4. Lamy Safari Rollerball Pen


    Available in 2 colours
  5. Lamy T10 Cartridge

    From £1.50 Save up to 25%

    Available in 7 colours
  6. Lamy Ink Eradicator Medium

    RRP: £1.15 £0.95 Save 17%

  7. Lamy Noto Ballpoint Pen White