Explore The Cass Family History Timeline since 1984

by Cass Art

You may believe that our story began in 1984 on Charing Cross road, but did you know that the Cass Family have been supporting artists for over 100 years? The Cass Family have been actively involved in the art world, from bringing impressionism to Europe to commissioning contemporary sculpture to fighting for art education, they have supported artists for over a century.

Scroll or swipe along our timeline below and discover our history highlights.


Today, we continue our mission to 'Fill This Town With Artists', with 14 stores across the UK and an online shop.  

We worked with up and coming illustrator Nina Cosford to bring our heritage to life. Based in Hastings and London, Nina has created a breadth of illustrative works for editorial, advertising, typography, children's books and more. She has worked for international brands such as Marie Claire, Virgin Media and Time Out Magazine and has recently began animating her works.

Find out more about Nina Cosford's work on her website www.ninacosford.com 

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