Featured Brand: Shine a Light with Daylight & 10 Reasons try them at home

Featured Brand: Shine a Light with Daylight & 10 Reasons try them at home

Posted by Cass Art on 1st Feb 2019

We’d all love a great working space filled with natural light, but in reality, many of us create our arts and crafts where we can. Good lighting is essential in order to see what you’re doing and luckily thanks to the Daylight Lamp, you can recreate bright 'daylight' light wherever you work, even in the darkest room in the house. The Daylight Company has produced a range of art lamps, daylight lights, light boxes and daylight lightbulbs that will give you consistent clarity all year round.

In the studio

If you create large paintings and artwork in a studio, check out the Daylight Company’s Artist Studio Lamp. Standing on a sturdy 2.2-metre tripod with a 32W energy saving Daylight™ bulb, the lamp is extremely powerful and spreads the light across large areas, so it’s ideal for working in open spaces. The natural bright daylight technology reduces eyestrain and glare and also allows for truer colour matching with your larger work. When working on smaller or medium pieces, you need a light that shines directly onto the work itself.

The Easel Lamp from the Daylight Company has been designed for artists who require perfect daylight for this very task. The lamp has a handy clamp that allows you to attach it to easels up 3.2cm thick, and its flexible arm directs light exactly where you require. Its 20W daylight bulb creates the ideal circumstances for optimal colour rendering, similar to north-facing studios. It’s particularly useful for people with failing eyesight.

On your desk

The Daylight Company Task Lamp XL is excellent for when you need even light over a large area on a desk or if you are working on the floor. The large shade can be fully adjusted to any desired position, and the light itself is dimmable, giving you greater control. It is the best form of lighting available for colour matching and rendering and really brings out the more delicate details in work.

The compact Table Mag Lamp is a small but powerful magnifying lamp which sits comfortably on a small table or desk. This lamp features a 9cm magnifying lens, a 12W energy saving daylight tube and has a flexible, directional head. This hard-working little light will help you achieve better results working with fine details.

The LED Slimline Desk Lamp is a powerful table lamp that will you can clamp to your desk. Super slimline, its 90cm long arm reach and even wider coverage of light are ideal for working on substantial surfaces. While it only uses 5W of energy, it provides an incandescent bulb equivalent to 155W, so it’s great for a dark space.


On your lap, on the go

Sometimes we work on our sofas or at the kitchen table and need an adjustable lamp that we position over our shoulder or clip on to the nearest surface. The Daylight Company MAGnificient Lamp is cleverly designed to be used in three different height positions to suit a variety of working methods or environments. Its Daylight LED’s provide high contrast and accurate colour matching, it also has a large 14.6cm semi-rimless 1.75X magnifying lens, all of which make it easier to see detail with clarity. This is a great value buy; the LED’s never need replacing, and they also use very little energy.

The Wafer Light Box is a great go-to light for illustrators, graphic designer and calligraphers. With a depth of 0.8cm, it is a super thin, sleek light box that provides an even spread of illumination from edge to edge. The Wafer is portable and easy to use, and it comes in A3 and A4 sizes. 

10 Reasons to Use Daylight in your home-studio

  1. Colour Matching: See and match colours accurately, at any time of the day or night
  2. Clarity: See fine detail in the greatest clarity, allowing you to work for longer in comfort
  3. Contrast: High contrast lighting, makes detailed tasks easier and less tiring for the eyes
  4. Spread of light: Designed to provide the correct light intensity over specific work areas, whether large or small
  5. Healthy Vision: Optimal brightness and clarity ensures reduced eye strain and less glare
  6. Low Heat: Safe to touch and perfect for working in close proximity to the lamp for long periods
  7. Greener: Greener Highly efficient light ensuring consistent performance for many years with low energy usage
  8. Flexible: The range has a variety of flexible arms and extension tools to give great versatility
  9. Professional Quality: This range has the highest quality standards ans used by professionals and amateurs.
  10. British Design: Daylight's design team is based in London and are passionate about creating products that make a real difference to the way people see