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The Cass Art Student Ambassador Programme is a voluntary opportunity-filled year designed to give 45 creative students across the UK hands-on experience in the arts industry. Throughout the year, these students are mentored by Cass Art staff as they organise their own events, write for the Cass Art blog and run in-store workshops and pop-up shops. They also have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork at the Cass Art annual show, receive product freebies and build networks with people from a variety of different backgrounds.

This Spring, we're running a four-part feature on the Cass Art Student Ambassador Programme. Our aim is to give you a sneak peek into the artistic practice of this talented group of students as well as providing links to their websites and Instagram accounts for you to find out more. For this instalment we introduce you to John Richardson, Aderice Palmer Jones, Amelia Goff, Phoebe McMullan and Caitlin Tinnion. 

Image credits: John Richardson (left) and Aderice Palmer Jones (right)

John Richardson: 2nd year Illustration at University of West England

While studying I have realised that I love experimenting with manual processes, as I think it allows you to discover things for yourself, rather than just trying to learn from books and tutorials. One of my favourite projects so far has been a “book” I made during first year, which was a biographical piece about one of my favourite musicians, Nina Simone. I tried to convey moments throughout her life, as pages of a book, but I felt that a traditionally bound one wouldn’t suffice. Instead I made a small, wooden, piano-like box, where inside, keys could be unfolded as each page of her story. I have been experimenting new processes ever since and I am currently focused mainly on lithographic printing, creating imagery with a very limited colour pallet.

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Aderice Palmer Jones: 2nd year Illustration at Leeds College of Art

Aderice is inspired by artists from various disciplines - David Downton, Tai-Shan Schierenberg, Matthew The Horse to name a few – and while recently completing an internship for the Black Girl Festival, aimed at celebrating and appreciating black women from all walks of life, she discovered an a self-taught illustrator Kei Maye – who she’s now obsessed with! Originally from a small town just outside Peterborough, she says that moving to Leeds to study was the best decision of her life as she’s surrounded by some of the most phenomenally talented artists who are producing the coolest contemporary work she’s ever seen. 

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Image credits: Caitlin Tinnion (above)

Caitlin Tinnion: 2nd year Textile Design at Birmingham City University 

Caitlin chose to study printed textile design as it gives her the opportunity to alter surfaces, add pattern and experiment with colour and materials. She states that her style is expressive and abstract - taking inspiration from organic subjects and striking colours and often steers away from floral influences, hoping to show people that design can rely on other subjects for an equally elegant and refined outcome. Predominantly designing textiles for fashion, she hopes to focus on fabric men’s tailoring as a career.

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Image credits: Pheobe McMullan (left) and Amelia Goff (right)

Amelia Goff: 2nd year Fashion Contour at London College of Fashion

Originally from Essex, Amelia moved to London for university to study Fashion Contour which she says is “all about lingerie, swimwear and loungewear - so it’s quite niche.” While she currently spends most of her time on Photoshop, Illustrator or sewing new designs, in the future she hopes to start her own lingerie brand and create lingerie pieces for women who struggle to find bras that fit properly.

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Phoebe McMullan: 2nd year Fine Art Painting at Brighton University

Phoebe’s work stems from my variety of interests - in the fields of science and art, as well as technology. She states that “our lives revolve so drastically around technology that I believe it should be included within the art I make, whether this be though drawing from the screen or compiling images from the internet to create a painting.” Within Phoebe’s work she updates old fashioned processes such as embroidery or oil painting through her choice of subject and presentation, with her inspiration coming from the TV or the internet.  She aims to create a sense of a greater world, where the image is just one snapshot of a varied and vibrant landscape.

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Thank you Student Ambassadors! Make sure to look out for the next installment of Get to Know Our Cass Art Student Ambasssadors coming up in March.

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