The Art of Paper Craft: Paper Cut Exhibition

by Cass Art

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It’s that ‘Back To College’ time again – the time for new sketchbooks, empty notebooks, a fresh start and a whole lot of blank pages. But who knew that paper could be so incredibly limitless?

Well, the Proud Archivist knew it, and the designer Owen Gildersleeve knew it. Together, they’re launching the exhibition Paper Cut to show 25 of the world’s most critically acclaimed paper craft illustrators at their gallery in Regents Canal.

Distant Aeons, Owen Gildersleeve, Paper Cut artwork 
Owen Gildersleeve, Distant Aeons 

Paper artists such as Rob Ryan, Mandy Smith and Ciara Phelan will be showcased alongside the work of Owen Gildersleeve himself, an illustrator whose first book, with the namesake Paper Cut, examines innovative paper craft from around the world.

Shotopop's Artwork 'Push The Sky' Paper Cutting 

To celebrate the launch of this book, Gildersleeve will host the month-long exhibition in collaboration with other paper artists from his pages. Showing all the artists from the book, the exhibition will involve original paper artworks, framed prints and also play host to a series of artist talks and workshops.

Owen Gildersleeve’s work plays with light and shadow, resulting in multi-layered paper cuttings with graphical figures and hand-rendered typography. His playful creations won him the ADC Young Guns 9 award in 2011, and his work has been exhibited in cities across the world.

Marc Hagan Guirey, Paper Cutting Cityscape 

Paper Cut Events and Workshops

Several events are taking place alongside the free exhibition, to celebrate the depth and diversity of paper and the craft of the artists that use it. 

Sunday Brunch Workshops – There is still time to attend a workshop, with a special guest sharing  their knowledge and skills and allowing visitors to experiment with their own Paper cutting. Free entry and open to all from 10am-5pm on 21st September.

The Artists Talk - A special series of curated talks featuring world renowned artists from the Paper Cut exhibition, including Rob Ryan, Shotopop, Elise and more.
Predictions, Paper Cutting Artwork of a sheep and its insides 

Feeling inspired?

The exhibition will run until 25th September 2014.

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