The Best of Soho

by Cass Art

Jess is supervisor in our Soho store. Here's her run down of the best of Soho: 


Flat White on Berwick street is great for breakfast. When the only way forward is a coffee and a toasty and nothing but the best will do Flat white is the only answer. They also stock a tea named after my dad called ‘Barry’s Tea’.

London Chinatown on Gerrard street do the most amazing Ho Fan Noodles with shrimp and veg as well as the best Won Ton soup and Dim Sum. With dishes from as little as £3 it's perfect for lunch. 

Alternatively there’s the most amazing fish and chip shop on Berwick Street which is actually owned by the lovely George & Paul, you really can’t get better Fish and Chips then this, makes me home sick for Brighton! 

If you fancy picking up your own food you’re spoiled for choice from the market traders ranging from Fresh Fruit, Flowers and other consumables the food selection in this road is incredible!

Restaurant Bar du Marche is great for a little bit of France right on our doorstep. Reasonably priced and oozing charm if you don’t fall in love with the place the first time I’d be very surprised. Full of regular locals and plenty of bilingual banter from the staff and owner alike it’s honestly hard for me to keep away for more than a day without getting withdrawal symptoms. I highly recommend the meat platter and the wine selection is second to none. You could while away the hours here happily as if you were in the south of France.
Berwick street market 


The Blue Posts, The John Snow & Glass House Stores are all John Smith pubs and are one of London’s secrets that the locals tend to want to keep to themselves for fear of the word getting out. Dotted around London there are a plethora in and around the Soho area. I’ve listed some of my favourites, but there are plenty more to be had. Pints can be purchased for a little over £3 dependant on your drinking habits this can either see you pleasantly happy or blind drunk within thirty minutes. My advice? pace yourself!

The Pheonix Club is a deliciously decadent hangout for Actors and creatives like you ideally need to be a member to frequent the place. Having said that there are a number of meet ups which have found their home here and will happily open their arms to you, if and this is the caveat you truly are one of the likeminded. The Channel Four Fright fest crowd become entrenched here once a year for the duration. Also  Comica have been known to hold events once a month here, which always prove fun with cake and raffles what’s not to like?


Soho is a nightmare for my wallet, if I’m not buying comics in GOSH I can be found stocking up on food in China Town’s supermarkets, eating Dim Sum in London China Town on Gerrard street or buying Chinese Ephemera in the markets around China Town and Soho.

Soho is also a haven for Music enthusiasts of all persuasions and there’s a shop catering for all tastes and all wallets. My favourite is the Music and Video Exchange, mainly as the staff are gorgeous…

For Vintage goodies galore there’s Bang Bang should just about fill your ever need I can’t spend time in here for fear of haemorrhaging money from my bank account.

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