Viridian Card: Discount for Artist Educators

by Cass Art

Here at Cass Art, we believe in art education. We believe that art tutors, art technicians and art therapists sustain art as a force in society, and we also acknowledge that educators are always artists themselves and are looking for a great deal on art supplies.

To support those who are artists for life, and to say thank you for educating the future generation of artists, we are launching the Viridian Card, which is exclusive for artist educators across the UK. Sir John Sorrell, Founder of the Sorrell Foundation which runs the National Art & Design Saturday Club, launched the new card in our Islington Flagship just before Christmas. This exciting new programme will offer artist educators discount for life as well as other benefits. You can sign up for your Viridian Card online here.


- Gives artist educators an exclusive 10% discount for life at Cass Art, both online and in-store

- Provides opportunities to test new products from the world’s best brands including Winsor & Newton, Daler Rowney, Derwent and Faber Castell

- Brings exclusive offers and online material in the Cass Art newsletter to support your educational and artistic endeavours

- Creates a forum to discuss issues that matter to you and your students


To prove our commitment to artist education, Cass Art will donate 5% of every purchase you make with the Viridian card to a charitable organisation that supports art education.

We currently support the Sorrell Foundation, which aims to inspire creativity in young people through a number of initiatives including the National Art & Design Saturday Club.

For more details on the organisations we currently support, click here.

Do I qualify for the Viridian Card?

You can sign up for a Viridian Card if you are any of the following:

- An Art & Design Tutor at a UK College/University

- An Art & Design Teacher at a UK School/College

- An Arts Therapist

To prove your status as an Artist Educator, you must have an identity card as part of your institution, or a letter on Headed Paper from your institution. Art Therapists should have full membership to either the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) or as a Visual Arts Therapist within the Association of Anthroposophic Therapeutic Art (AATA).

How do I get the card?

Apply for the Viridian Card here

Feeling inspired?

If you didn't make one of the launch events, don’t worry! You can still sign up for a Viridian Card - see more information here.

We have supported art students for many years with the Cobalt Blue card, which gives them 10% off non-discounted art materials during their studies. Encourage your students to sign up for one in-store, and find more about the Student Card here.  

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