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by Cass Art Student Ambassador

Here at Cass Art we believe in young emerging artists - they are the artists of the future, after all. We take a look at the talent across the country, delving into the work of the Cass Art Student Ambassadors. Read on to have a nosy into the astonishing photography and digital work being created at different art schools this year.

Above: Harsh Cloud Grains- Jyotsna Shelley- Digital Photograph- 2015

Jyotsna Shelley studies Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts in London.

She is a multidisciplinary artist who follows her own emotions to drive and direct her creative process. She enjoys the exploration of new mediums in order to relay the individuality of each of her ideas; often working loosely with Indian ink and charcoal, and creating pieces of varied size and dimension. She draws influence from a wide range of artists, including William Blake, William Kentridge, Anselm Kiefer, Turner, Auerbach, Giacometti, Antony Gormley and Paula Rego. Another key influence is her father, who is himself an artist and a true inspiration to her work.

Find more of her work here and here.

Home Away From Home- Keera Kakar- photographic print- 4 W x 6 H inches- 2015

Keera Kakar, originally from London, is currently studying Photography at Nottingham Trent University.

Her work is varied in process and theme; from using disposable cameras to document her life as a young person in London, through to exploring themes such as nature and gender. As a first year student, she is still searching for and experimenting with different ideas to find her true style. She draws inspiration from photographers such as Martin Parr and Francesca Woodman. Her work often mirrors her life, and currently explores her move from London to university, and the new-found distance from home comforts.

Context Poster for the V&A- Emily Ospina Ruiz- digital photography & graphic design- 2015

Emily Ospina Ruiz is currently studying BA Graphic Design; specialising in Design and Interaction, at Central Saint Martins.

Her course allows her to explore varied client briefs, including designing books and producing posters and publications. She views the restrictions imposed upon a commercial brief as an exciting and inspiring challenge, which she delights in solving. Her work is predominantly produced digitally, and converted into small-scale printed imagery, though she has also delved into larger scale collaborative works. She counts amongst her main influences the photomontage work of artist Hannah Hoch, and also the Dada Movement, which was the initial driver that spiked her interest in Graphic Design. She is equally inspired by her peers and tutors, including Professor Phil Baines, who she counts as a great influence.

Follow Emily's work on Instagram: @cestladesign   

Untitled- Hollie Marshall- moving image- 2015

Hollie Marshall studies Fine Art at Kingston University.

Her recent work focuses on the portrayal of femininity and the sexualisation of the female form within pop culture; themes which she explores through both audio, and moving image. Performance plays a key role within her work, and sees the artist mimic female social stereotypes; passing controversial opinions off as her own as a method of mocking them. She sees humour as an important tool for the consumption of art, and deliberately suggests a level of sarcasm in everything that she does. She notes that her pieces can sometimes be viewed as offensive or abrasive, and she revels in this. Her advice: "Take my work with a pinch of salt". 

Face Value- Tavia Panton- face painted with acrylics, photographed & printed onto cartridge paper- 25 W x 23 H inches- 2015

Tavia Panton studies Fine Art and Art History at Kingston University.

The core concept behind her practice is a drive for racial equality, and an exploration of her personal cultural identity. She hopes to use art as a tool to promote a harmonious society and open doors to ethnic minorities. Tavia says "although a harsh reality can sometimes set the tone for my pieces, I use a bright colour palette to reflect a positive vision. It is a suggestion of hope for the future and an incitement for progress". She favours acrylics in her painted pieces, but also likes to experiment with different materials and explore new processes. The artists who inspire her most are Lynette Yiadem-Boakye and Frank Bowling, as well as a myriad of artist-diarists and poets. However, the true influences for her practical work come from experiential research rather than through archives.

Find more of Tavia's work on Twitter: @taviapantonart


Seurat at The Serpentine- Olivia Brook-Alfa- found image, acrylic paint & sticker- 9 W x 6 H inches- 2015

Olivia Brook-Alfa is a second year student at Goldsmiths, studying Fine Art and History of Art.

Influenced by notions of nostalgia and childhood, she mixes traditional, canonical art motifs with the everyday and the mundane to create surreal mixed-media pieces. While images of twentieth century life dominate her 2-D work, toys and other childhood iconography occupy her three dimensional pieces. Olivia intends for each piece's contextual ideas to be at left ambiguous, so to allow the viewer to apply ones' own meaning. Her current work explores the concept of kitsch and the symbiotic relationship between high and low culture.

Find more of her work here


Twenty-two-skip- Dean Wilson- digital photograph manipulation- 2015

Dean Wilson is an Irish artist, currently studying in his final year of Fine Art at Northumbria University.

Wilson's work is heavily influenced by his personal political beliefs, and seeks to highlight important societal issues. His multi-disciplinary practice vents anger towards the patriarchal, heteronormative views held within society, through the mediums of film, photography, photographic manipulation, performance and the written word.  He explores our position as human beings in relation to art practice, and how social privilege, and experiences of oppression, colour each individual's perception of reality. His work should be viewed as a form of left-wing, feminist protest. 

Follow Dean on Instagram: @edgarallenyo 

Vinyl Cover Design for Mika- "Celebrate"- Ana Pinto- Graphic Design- 2015

Ana Pinto studies Graphic Design at Middlesex University, and is originally from Portugal.

Her work is mainly digital, but she also revels in the opportunity to get her hands dirty. Working to a small-scale she broadens her creative horizons; dabbling in both photography and painting, as well as her Graphic Design work. One of Ana's greatest influences is the late Portuguese Graphic Designer, Ricardo Mealha, who was the creative mind behind the digital design for the Portuguese Ministry of Culture.

Find more of Ana's work here.

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