Young@Art: Sculpture & Installation

by Cass Art Student Ambassador

Here at Cass Art we believe in young emerging artists - they are the artists of the future, after all. We take a look at the talent across the country, delving into the work of the Cass Art Student Ambassadors. Read on to have a look at the engaging sculpture and installation being made in the UK by young artists.

Above: UV Light Installation- Sarah Padbury- 2015

Sarah Padbury is in her final year studying Fine Art at the Cardiff School of Art and Design.

Sarah is primarily a painter, but has recently become fixated by the world of immersive installations. Her practice is based on the study of consciousness; the mind, illusion and reality. The viewer becomes an integral part of the work, as the artist aims to  break down the boundary between art and life, and forces a re-evaluation of the relationship one has with their surroundings. Sarah's pieces offer an experience for the viewer; a heightened state of consciousness, and ultimately aim to provide a new encounter for the individual, with themselves.

Find more of Sarah's work here.

Negligence of Space- Chloe Monique Tsan- installation made of upcycled materials- 2015

Chloe Monique Tsan studies Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts.

She works predominantly with sculpture and installation, and is highly influenced by the human condition and the psyche. Her work plays with the viewer's existing perceptions, and aims to evoke an emotional response from her audience. The themes and aesthetic of her pieces reflect her fascination with the macabre, sexuality, and the art movements Dada and Surrealism. Her current body of work focuses on the unusual, the explicit and the concept of excess.

See more of her work here

Identity Box- Laura Chafer- laser-cut wooden box & lightbulb- 9.8 W x 9.8 H x 9.8 D inches- 2014

Laura Chafer currently studies Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University.

Her work explores psychological themes and draws inspiration from the human mind, contemplating her own identity and existence whilst examining human behaviour, thoughts and memory. Laura’s work concerns itself with questions such as "What makes us individual?" and attempts to explore how society and upbringing affect personality. Using a range of mediums, Laura predominantly explores her creativity by printmaking and paper cutting, also incorporating digital processes such as photo editing and laser cutting.

Find more of Laura’s work here.  

Custard Exploding Domes- Lauren Dark- silicone & custard- 2015

Lauren Dark studies 3D Design and Craft at the University of Brighton. 

She works between the disciplines of sculpture and product design, with the intention of questioning socially accepted norms. While ceramics is her preferred medium, she also experiments with wood, metal and polymers. Her pieces tend to be small-scale and modular. Lauren's work is highly informed by process, and she delights in incorporating elements of chance within her making. Consequently, she in heavily influenced by experimentation and materiality, as well as personal experience.

Find more of Lauren's work here

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