Swann-Morton Cutting Knives

Based in Sheffield since 1932, Swann-Morton are world-renowned manufacturers of blades. While many of their products are for surgical use, they also make a wide range of implements for other uses, including craft knives. These vary from disposable plastic scalpels to more complicated handles that incorporate safety features, but all of them are made to the same surgical quality and grade, ensuring that Swann-Morton brings you all you might want from a cutting tool.
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  1. Swann-Morton Blade Set No.3 Handle and 5 x 10A Blades


  2. Swann-Morton Surgical Scalpel Blade No.10A Pack of 5


  3. Swann-Morton Surgical Scalpel Blade No.11 Pack of 5


  4. Swann-Morton Trimaway Set