Cass Art Brushes

This Cass Art Brushes, like the rest of our own-brand range, brings you very high quality at an extremely good price. We've used our expertise to bring you a great team of all-rounders in our sets and individual range.

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  1. Cass Art Grey Synthetic Acrylic & Oil Brush Set of 6


  2. Cass Art White Synthetic Brush Set of 6


  3. Cass Art Synthetic Brush Set of 6


  4. Cass Art Sable Brush Set of 5


  5. Cass Art Hog Bristle Brush Set of 6


  6. Cass Art Synthetic Brush Collection Set of 10


  7. Cass Art Synthetic Round Brush

    From £2.50

    Available in 12 sizes
  8. Cass Art Hog Bristle Flat Brush

    From £2.95

    Available in 8 sizes
  9. Cass Art Sable Round Brush

    From £2.75

    Available in 8 sizes

Cass Art Brushes

We understand that good quality brushes are important to creating the best artwork and we've researched the most popular sizes and shapes to help create sets that give you the best options and the best quality. Any feedback? feel free to get in touch and let us know what you think about the range.