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  1. Acrylic Paint Gift Set with Paint, Canvas, Brushes and Gift Bag


  2. Amsterdam Standard Series Acrylic Paints Set of 36 x 20ml

    Was: €43.30 €33.60

  3. ArtResin Non Toxic Epoxy Resin

    From €37.00

    From 0,04€ per ml

    Available in 3 sizes
  4. Aspiring Fashion Designer Set with Markers, Fineliners & Paper


  5. Aspiring Watercolour Starter Set with Paint, Paper & Brushes


  6. Billy Showell Sennelier Botanical Watercolour 10ml Set of 12


    * * * * * (2)
  7. Bob Ross Master Oil Paint Set

    Was: €96.20 €77.60

  8. Caran D'ache Pablo Colour Pencils Assorted Colours Set of 120


  9. Cass Art Acrylic Assorted Colours Paint 75ml - Set of 8

    Was: €20.80 €18.35

    From 0,03€ per ml

  10. Cass Art Artists' Half Soft Pastels Set of 40

    Was: €30.00 €24.00

  11. Cass Art Artists' Oil Colour 37ml Set of 10

    Was: €36.05 €24.00

    From 0,10€ per ml

  12. Cass Art Artists' Watercolour Metal Tin 10ml Set of 12

    Was: €60.10 €48.05

    From 0,50€ per ml

  13. Cass Art Artists' Watercolour Metal Tin 10ml Set of 5


  14. Cass Art Grey Synthetic Acrylic & Oil Brush Set of 6

    Was: €24.00 €20.40

  15. Cass Art Hog Bristle Brush Set of 6


  16. Cass Art Jumbo Gummed Watercolour Pad 300gsm 50 sheets

    From €18.65

    From 0,44€ per sheet

    Available in 2 sizes
  17. Cass Art Sable Brush Set of 5

    Was: €24.50 €20.80

Gifts by Practice | Christmas Gifts

Art comes in so many different forms, but who are you shopping for this Christmas? Are they wild about watercolours, or all about the acrylics? Are they a crafty creator, or someone with a passion for printmaking? After you’ve worked out what kind of present you want to buy (and maybe asked a few innocent questions to get some ideas), it’s time to look at the gifts. We’re delighted to offer a fantastic selection of products geared towards several different kinds of art-making, with top brands such as Winsor & Newton, Liquitex , Derwent and Faber Castell at your fingertips. Now it’s much easier for you to whittle down your choices and find the perfect gift for friends and loved ones, or maybe even to treat yourself this Christmas.