Silver and gold gilding is a simple way to add a touch of sparkle to papercraft items, frames or any type of sculpture. We sell gold leaf sheets and silver leaf sheets, as well as gilding leaves. All of them are wonderfully simple to apply to just about any solid object. We also stock Daler-Rowney Goldfinger Metallic Paste, a gilding paste you can apply to a wide range of materials from plaster to wood to plastics to paper for dramatic effects.
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  1. Gedeo Gilding Leaves 25 Sheets

    RRP: £11.25 £9.95 Save 12%

    Available in 2 colours
  2. C Roberson Acrylic Gold Size


  3. Gedeo Gold Flakes


  4. Gedeo Mirror Effect Metal Leaf Pack of 12

    RRP: £7.25 £5.50 Save 24%

    Available in 2 colours
  5. Pebeo Gedeo Silver Flakes Silver


  6. C Roberson Metal Leaf 2.5 Transfer Pack of 25


  7. Goldfinger Metallic Paste

    RRP: £13.00 £9.95 Save 23%

    Available in 3 colours
  8. C Roberson Liquid Metal


  9. Gedeo Relief Gilding Paste 37ml


  10. Staedtler Easy Metal Sheets Pack of 6


  11. Gedeo Gilding Paste 75ml