Mould Making

Explore the art of mould-making with our range of products from Gedeo, including Latex, Alginate, Siligum and Plaster Bands. Versatile and of professional quality, many of our mould-making materials come in tubs of different sizes so you can buy in a volume appropriate for your needs. Whether you want to mould masks, imprints and or cast plaster, crystal resin or wax, we’ve got you covered with our Gedeo mould-making supplies.
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  1. Gedeo Latex

    From £7.95

    Available in 2 sizes
  2. Gedeo Siligum

    From £13.95

    Available in 2 sizes
  3. Gedeo Plaster Bands 8cm x 300cm


  4. Gedeo Plaster Bands 4 rolls 3m x 8cm


  5. Gedeo Alginate 500g