Fountain Pens

An image can say a thousand words, but sometimes words are the best way to say something! Our range of writing pens are perfect for fine drawing, typographical work or scrapbooking and craft projects.

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  1. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

    From £17.95

    Available in 8 colours
  2. Lamy Al Star Fountain Pen


  3. Lamy T10 Cartridge


    Available in 5 colours
  4. Lamy Joy Fountain Pen

    RRP: £19.90 £17.95

    Available in 2 sizes
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  5. Pilot Parallel Pen Cartridge Pack of 6

    RRP: £1.90 Was: £1.90 £1.40

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Fountain Pens

The Lamy Pens flow smoothly and are perfect for labelling, and the Pentel pens are a wonderful editon to any pencilcase. Label your drawings, doodle on your sketchbooks, hand write your invitations or simply finish your homework with our range of writing pens - they're multi-functional and perfect for all of your handwritten needs.