Our Guide to the Perfect Christmas Presents for the Artist in your life

We're here to help you find those ideal art Christmas gifts for the creative in your life. Looking for the perfect present for a painter? A yuletide treat for a talented drawer? Or that classic art beginner starter pack for a budding artist? Well, we have the creative solution for you. Selected by our expert team of staff artists, our curated sets include quality art essentials from the most respected brands. Explore a wealth of ideas in our top tips and track down the creative gift an artist will love.


This POSCA set is perfect for any paint marker user this Christmas, especially the POSCA lover. A fantastic selection of PC-5M colours and one PC-7M Posca Paint Marker , making it an ideal set for beginners, amateurs and professional artists alike. POSCA markers use fibre tips which make them ideal for all types of art and craft, they can be used on most surfaces including paper, card, metal, plastic, glass, stone, canvas, fabric, etc. POSCA markers use water based pigment ink to produce a poster-paint like effect, with no odour or smell. These markers are water resistant once dry and also fade resistant, they produce opaque and vivid colours, which you are able to blend and the ink doesn't feather or bleed through paper and once dry you can also layer, making POSCA markers extremely versatile.


The delicate practice of watercolour art is a beautiful thing whether it’s at a beginner’s or more accomplished standard. There are sets for every level, all of which contain the very best watercolour painting equipment. Our Cass Art Watercolour Travel Set is a perfect size for on the go creations. It makes a great gift for a creative traveller looking for high quality in a smaller package! It contains 18 pans of artist grade watercolours in a handy case that is no bigger than a smartphone – ideal for when you are out and about. This set offers a range of brilliant colours, designed to create perfect washes of pure transparent colour without hard edges.


Acrylics are often a novice painter’s first introduction to fine art painting. There’s a good reason for this: acrylic paints are great value, you can mix them with water and they come in a wide range of colours and hues to experiment with. With ourStarter Acrylic Bundle a new painter can get started from the get-go. It has a set of eight 75ml paints in bright shades, an acrylic paint pad and a set of six brushes in various sizes. A splendid entry-level Christmas art gift for a beginner.


Cass Art Artists' Pigment Fineliners are perfect for both drawing and writing; allowing you to create smooth, opaque black lines. The archival ink is fast drying and waterproof once dry and will not bleed through paper. Popular with Illustrators, Artists, Cartoonists and Hobbyists.


For those taking their first tentative steps into oil painting, the Winsor & Newton Wooden oil set is the ideal oil paint gift for artists and beginners. These oils strikes the ideal balance between the finest pigments and excellent handling and mixing qualities, based on the company's history of over 180 years of colour-making. You will find the buttery consistency of Artists' Oil Colour brings out your best in a broad range of styles, with brush or palette knife, and that its tinting strength is outstanding. It is pure, stable and consistent and carries the highest degree of lightfastness and permanence.

Winsor & Newton Oil Box
Winsor & Newton Oil Box


This Cass Art Synthetic Brush Set Of 8 brings you a great team of all-rounder long handle synthetic brushes. Like the rest of our own-brand range, we designed them to give a really high quality at an excellent price. These brushes are ideal for use with all brands and types of oil and acrylic paint, whatever technique you want to use. They’re long-handled brushes, with excellent durability and strength. It also includes an easily portable hard-wearing black zip case.