A palette is an extremely clean and convenient way of mixing your paint colours, and there’s plenty of choice so you can find the palette for you. Your artist’s palette should depend on your needs: we sell the classic traditional wood palette with a thumb hole, or a plastic palette with small wells for mixing smaller quantities, and even a foldable palette which is perfect for travelling. We also offer disposable tear-off palettes, which you use once and simply throw away, and a clever Stay-Wet Palette by Daler-Rowney for acrylic colours. With brands like Jakar and Loxley you can be sure whichever palette you choose is going to be a durable, functional accessory for your artist's toolkit.
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  1. Mabef RECTANGLE Wooden Palette 25x35

    RRP: £7.50 £6.50 Save 13%

  2. Mabef OVAL Wooden Palette 25x35


  3. New Wave Handheld Disposable Paper Palette Pad


  4. Loxley Plastic Daisy Palette


  5. Loxley Plastic Circular Palette


  6. Loxley Plastic Deep Well Palette x 6 Wells


  7. Loxley Plastic Folding Palette


  8. Loxley Wooden Palettes Kidney Shaped

    From £12.50 Save up to 19%

    Available in 2 sizes
  9. Daler Rowney Tear-Off Palettes

    From £9.50 Save up to 19%

    Available in 2 sizes
  10. Daler Rowney Acrylic Tear-Off Palette

    From £10.95 Save up to 17%

    Available in 2 sizes
  11. Daler Rowney Stay-Wet Palette Small

    RRP: £24.50 £19.95 Save 19%

  12. Daler Rowney Stay-Wet Refill Small


  13. Jakar White Plastic Circular 10 Well Palette 17.5cm diameter White


  14. Jakar Palette rectangular 21 x 14.5cm White


  15. Jakar White Plastic 10 Well Palette with Thumb Hole 33 x 22cm White


  16. Jakar White Plastic Flower Shaped Palette White


  17. Jakar Plastic Kidney Shaped Palette 15 x 25cm White


  18. Global Oval Wooden Palette 5mm

    From £5.50

    Available in 2 sizes
  19. Mijello Folding Plastic Paint Palette Artelier

    RRP: £21.95 £18.50 Save 16%

  20. Mijello Folding Plastic Paint Palette

    RRP: £13.95 £10.95 Save 22%

  21. Colourfull Arts Wooden Oblong Palette Large