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Good quality art kit is treasured by artists. It’ll make fantastic Christmas gifts for artists and painters, as it’ll be well-used and very appreciated. The amazing thing about any gifts for artists is that they really are the gifts that keep on giving. That’s what makes buying presents for artists so satisfying. A painting kit or art set certainly often looks impressive and beautiful in itself. But you can also be assured that your creative gifts will be used to produce all manner of art pieces. Plus, if you opt for luxury gifts for painters, you’ll be making a real investment into someone’s art practice. From a beautiful boxed oil paint set or acrylic painting kit to robust easels and professional lighting, top-quality art kit and equipment really are the best gifts for artists. We’ve selected five key presents for artists that will not only impress and delight but also enhance the painterly practice.


An oil painter will really appreciate the Rembrandt Excellent Artists Oil Colour Box. Rembrandt Artists' Oils are made in Holland to exacting professional quality standards. The oil paints have a smooth, creamy, buttery feel and intense colour.

The paints are also lightfast, meaning artwork created with these oil paints won’t fade. The exquisite wooden box set contains a stunning collection of 41 Rembrandt oil colours along with six mediums, 10 brushes, and accessories such as palette knives, colour charts and charcoal sticks.


While oil paint’s colour luminosity, blendabilty and long drying time are loved by many painters, some artists prefer the quick drying time of acrylic paints. Acrylics are water-based, so you also don’t need to use lots of spirits to dilute and clean your brushes as you would with oils. It’s no wonder an acrylic paint set is a popular gift idea for painters. Golden Heavybody Acrylic Colour Set of 8 contains eight 59ml tubes and a mixing guide. It offers a great selection of colours to start with when learning to mix artist quality paints.

Made with pure pigments and without fillers or extenders, these are smooth and thick colours that produce outstanding results, holding peaks and brush or knife marks particularly well and with high permanence and lightfastness.


Do you know a travelling artist or painter who likes to work outside? Why not treat them to a quality easel that is compact enough to use on the go, but sturdy enough to work with over long periods? The Mabef M22 Sketch box easel is just the ticket. While it’s large and robust, it’s also easily transportable as it can be folded up and carried. Mabef easels are constructed from high-quality, oiled, stain-resistant beechwood and are designed to last a lifetime. This is a really good quality gift that will be appreciated for years as the wood gains more character as it ages.

Its box easel is tin-lined and has four compartments to store tools, brushes and paints. The box has a sliding drawer and a wooden palette, which also acts as a cover when folded up for transporting. Its adjustable legs offer a variety of working positions, allowing you to work on your surfaces flat or vertically. This present is sure to delight. Mabef easels have a particularly well-loved reputation. Mabef have been making high-quality easels for artists since 1948. All Mabef artists' easels are made from solid beechwood, sourced from certified geographical areas guaranteed by the Forestry Commission. All of the scraps and shavings from these wooden easels are collected, broken up and used to heat the Mabef factories and offices.


Walk into any painter’s studio and you’ll see a whole collection of artists’ canvases piled up, hung up and leaning on walls. Whether you paint in oils or acrylics; canvases are a true painting essential. Our Cass Art Artists Cotton Canvas are made from high quality European spruce wood and 100% rayon cotton. They're made from the highest-quality spruce wood and 100% pure cotton, this exhibition grade, European made, medium grain canvas has been produced for use with all forms of oil and acrylic colour, as well as many other mixed media applications.


When exploring gift ideas for artists you don’t have to opt for paints. Help an artist get a precision result and true colour as they work by presenting them with some professional lighting for their studio or workshop. Lightweight and portable, easily alternate between light therapy mode and task lamp mode is the ideal lighting gift for any artist. When you’re not using the TwoSun as an SAD light, it’s ideal for illuminating your space and reducing eyestrain when enjoying hobbies or carrying out everyday tasks. This 2-in-1 lamp has been ergonomically designed to be easy to carry with one hand and folds up compactly when not in use.

The Easy Twist Shade™ allows the light to be positioned and directed exactly where you need it while the brightness of the daylight LEDs can be adjusted using the tactile 3-step dimmer button. The high quality LEDs and CRI of over 95 provide optimum light therapy and ensures accurate colour matching


If you feel like spoiling the watercolourist you know Sennelier watercolour paints are made with the highest quality standards using the best possible pigments via traditional techniques and methods. The L'Aquarelle Sennelier watercolour range has been produced in the same way for more than a hundred years, using only the best pigments and top quality Kordofan Gum Arabic as a bonding agent, mixed with honey which not only acts as a preservative but as an additive giving incomparable brilliance and smoothness to the paint. This mix of natural ingredients means this product has a smooth, bright texture and offer lively, colourful shades.

Discover exquisite luxury gift ideas for painters this Christmas at Cass Art, offering a curated selection of premium presents to inspire creativity and delight any artist.