Cass Sculpture Foundation Has Unveiled Its 2015 Summer Exhibitions and Sculptures

by Cass Art

The Cass Sculpture Foundation has opened for its summer season with some fantastic new works - and just in time for the sun to start shining, too.

The Cass Sculpture Foundation is linked to Cass Art through the family ties of father and son. Mark Cass is CEO and Founder of Cass Art, and his father, Wilfred Cass, and his wife Jeanette Cass, founded the Cass Sculpture Foundation in their retirement. Mark Cass is also Deputy Chairman of the Cass Sculpture Foundation.

Launching the summer with a sculptural flourish, it has unveiled brand new commissions by some cutting-edge contemporary sculptors, showing alongside its existing collection. The Foundation covers 26 acres of Sussex woodland, the grounds sporting ambitious work by established and emerging artists, asking them to think big and test the boundaries of sculpture. The public can wander the grounds and experience the word first hand, as well as enjoy the new exhibitions inside.

Alex Hoda Close Encounters Sculpture

The new works come under the title 'Points of View', inviting artists to bring their own ideas to the history, practice and meaning of sculpture, including work by Sara Barker, James Capper, Alex Hoda, Piotr Lakomy and Mark Handforth.

To celebrate a new summer season of blockbuster sculptures, we take a look at some of the new works on show - but the only real way to experience sculpture is up close, so make the most of the sunny weather and visit the Cass Sculpture Foundation yourself.

Two Old Bananas, Sculpture by Mark Handforth

MARK HANDFORTH - Two Old Bananas

A sculptor based in Miami, Handorth is known for making absurdist jokes in sculptural form. Using humour, he questions context, perspective and powerful visual impressions, and also revels in the shifting points of view created by cultural migration and displacement. Two Old Bananas is inspired by Dadaist themes and ideas, rejuvenating seemingly mundane objects through distorted scale and material reinterpretation. It's three metres high and cast in industrial aluminium. Over-ripe, hilarious and imposing, it's sculptural tradition in all its banana-fied glory.

Greenhorn by James Capper

JAMES CAPPER - Greenhorn

An engineer as well as a sculptor, Capper introduced a Material Handling division to his practice, exploring the interactions between man and environment, and material and technology. Greenhorn is a sculptural installation, a tractor-like machine that takes fallen tree trunks and arranges them in new, aesthetic formations before the viewer's eyes. The word Greehorn refers to an inexperienced forester, and the installation explores and minimises the destructive impact of tree felling. Over the summer season Capper will be giving demonstrations of his creation, showcasing the mechanical process of art creation and finished - or perhaps unfinished - forms.

James Capper Sculptures

JAMES CAPPER - Hydraulic Sculptures 

Accompanying his new commission Greenhorn, Capper's exhibition Hydraulic Sculptures will be on show until 8th November 2015. Sculptures, drawings and films explore mark making and material handling, many taking the form of machines that make sculpture, acting as installations themselves. Each of his sculptures fulfil a specific function within an environment, reflecting his research of industrial machinery and animal movement. The result is an exhibition of individual sculptures that create sculptures, a field of living, breathing machines.

Alex Hoda: Chance Encounters Sculpture

ALEX HODA - Chance Encounters

This is the first exhibition to mark a series of shows and publications dedicated to British artists. Chance Encounters presents a selection of major sculptures from Hoda's career, from his early rubber works to more recent pieces incorporating driftwood and chewing gum into traditional art materials of marble and bronze. The exhibition features two brand new ceramic pieces from Hoda's Wisp and Puncture Series. The first book in the Cass Sculpture Foundation series is Work in Progress: Alex Hoda, a concept book designed as a sketchbook to mirror the style of Hoda's working sketchbooks. With snippets of imagery that inspire and influence him, to his own sculptures and everyday experiences, it is a visual and insightful journey through the artist's process. Alex Hoda was born in Canterbury, and currently lives and works in London.

Alex Hoda Work in Progress

Feeling inspired?

There are many new commissions on show at the Cass Sculpture Foundation, and it is now open for the summer season until 8th November 2015.

Visit the Cass Sculpture Foundation website here and plan your visit.

Read more about how the Cass Sculpture Foundation began here, with our blog to celebrate Wilfred Cass's 90th birthday.

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