Explore Mixed Media With Liquitex Innovations

Explore Mixed Media With Liquitex Innovations

Posted by Cass Art on 3rd Jun 2018

Want to mix it up? Swap from spray paint to paint markers in a second? Have your colours match perfectly whilst you flip from heavy body acrylic to professional ink?

Liquitex is the go-to paint brand for mixed media artists, and we wanted to open your minds and creative hearts to the possibilities it can bring.

Watch the following for an idea of how different Liquitex paints can work together to produce exciting, textural and vibrant results.

Liquitex has been producing high quality acrylic colour since 1955.

Liquitex provides the widest spectrum of vibrant acrylic paints and mediums. They are always expanding their product range so that acrylic artists can continue to explore new techniques and realise their potential. 

Their innovations in acrylic art supplies include:

  • The first Acrylic Gloss and Matte Mediums           
  • The first removable acrylic varnish in 1967, which has evolved into today’s Soluvar Removable Varnish.     
  • The first paint to be labeled for ASTM standards, toxicity, quality and lightfastness.
  • The first to manufacture "Hue" colors: offering alternatives to heavy metal and fugitive colours
  • The first artist acrylic available in archival tubes: seven layers of plastic, paper and metal
  • The first to create iridescent acrylic paint; acrylic enamels and a variety of innovative acrylic mediums including acrylic opaque extender mediums – Ultra Matte Fluid and Gel Mediums; among many others.

liquitex ink

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