Looking for Great Gifts for Watercolourists? We have them here

Looking for Great Gifts for Watercolourists? We have them here

Posted by Cass Art on 6th Apr 2020

Looking for the perfect present for a watercolour painter? You can stop the search here and start selecting from a wealth of creative gifts for the watercolour artist in your life. We have some great gift ideas for artists who specialise in watercolour painting. Take your pick from amazing high-quality watercolour paint sets, beautiful quality paint brushes, exquisite textured paper and hard-working waterproof pens that can be used with watercolour paints.

The perfect brush

When looking for presents for artists, you can’t go wrong witha luxury hand-crafted paint brush. Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Water Colour Brushes are ideal Christmas gifts for artists. Often called the world’s finest watercolour brush, Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes are hand-crafted from only the finest Kolinsky Sable hair. Each brush is carefully shaped and rolled to make the perfect dome shape. Then this fine hair is secured in rust-proof, seamless nickel plated ferrules and elegantly attached to black polished handles.

Every Series 7 artist brush should come to a crisp point and maintain that point during use. The same fine line can be achieved with a size 10 as it would be with a size 0. The larger belly of the brush holds more colour than other sable brushes, making the application of expressive washes an effortless pleasure. A perfect gift for a painter, the larger sizes of each Series 7 brush is presented in an individual velvet-lined box with a tag displaying the name of the Series 7 brush maker who made it. A watercolour painter will love this brush, whatever size you buy.

Do the twist

A true collector’s item, the Schmincke Horadam J.H. Watercolor Wheel is a very, very special art gift indeed. This elegant, self-twistable aluminium cylinder is produced in a German factory that specialises in metal processing. It’s a special edition, named after one of the company’s two 1881 founders. The black anodised aluminium holders, turned out to produce a futuristic twister effect, contain 12 carefully selected Horadam watercolour paint pans.

The robust cylinder also has an integrated, lockable water tank along with the additional inbuilt mixing slots to allow for the watercolour paint set to be used from the get go. Loved by professional watercolourists, Horadam watercolour paints have an excellent reputation. The lightfast paints contain a special formula meaning work does not fade. They use the best raw materials to produce outstanding true colour, renowned by fellow artists. The long-lasting watercolours mix beautifully, flow evenly and effortlessly, and are reusable when dried on a palette.

A sublime surface

From lush landscapes, through vibrant, visceral florals to delicate still lives, watercolour art takes many forms with a variety of looks and finishes. Whatever the watercolour art style, the right surface is key to getting the best results. The Canson Héritage Block consists of 20 strong and absorbent 100% cotton paper sheets designed for use with watercolour paints. This naturally-durable, acid-free paper has been sized (treated with a solution, in this case a gelatin-free one) that allows the artist to lift paint and scrub at the paper without deterioration to the surface.This enables the artist to layer paints, returning to the same image and re-wetting the surface. It also gives the paper great image clarity, as it minimises bleeding. It is also mould resistant. The block is gummed on four sides which creates excellent surface tension and means the paper will not buckle or bend as it’s worked over.

For the beginner

If you are looking for a painting set for a budding or beginner watercolour artist then try Cotman Water Colour Half Pan Studio Set. Featuring 45 colours, this is a great value set for someone who wants to fully explore this painting technique.