How to: Twin Tip ProMarker Pens

by Cass Art

Home to the must-have marker pen, Letraset is a leading manufacturer of innovative art supplies, and their twin-tip ProMarker pens are no exception. Their vibrant range of colours and smooth, gliding nibs make them the perfect pens for illustrators, students and hobbyists alike.

Here is a brief introduction to the essential ProMarker 12 set, with a few tips on how to use them.

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Twin Nibs

The ProMarkers come with two separate nibs, built into either end of the pen and supplying two very different qualities of line. One is broad and ideal for applying sweeping, even colour, whilst the other fine, narrow tip is better when working on more precise details.  It’s effectively two pens in one!

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Tonal change

Whilst they provide striking, flawless colour as soon as you apply them, they are also a seamless tool for creating a variation in tone. You simply have to work repeatedly over the same line to create a darker colour.

Similarly, one pen can be used over the top of another to result in an entirely new colour – it is a dry, instant way of mixing your palette!

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Formulated specially to prevent marker bleed, the colour definition is second to none, and holds beautifully on a variety of surfaces. They work well on Cass Art Marker Pads and Cass Art Canford Card, but can also be built up gradually on ink resistant surfaces such as acetate, perspex and even glass. 


An additional Blender pen is included within the 12 pack, which opens up even more possibilities for the effects you can create. Apply it generously to the wet ink from one of the pens to create softer edges to your line work and introduce a more fluid, subtle change between colours.

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Why the ProMarkers?

The ProMarkers differ from the Letraset AquaMarkers and Tria pens because they are alcohol based. This means they provide a fantastic colour range without unsightly streak marks, and can be applied to a variety of materials instead of just paper!

The ProMarker 12 set base colour palette is the ideal starter pack to experience the best of these pens. Ranging from the warmer hues of Ruby to the cooler tones of Sky Blue, other colours are also available for individual purchase.

Feeling inspired?

Give the twin-tip ProMarker pens a go or browse the rest of our Letraset products to add these must-have items to your art supplies.

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