How To: Make Your Own Craft Christmas Baubles

by Cass Art Student Ambassador

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the best bits of the run-up to Christmas, especially using decorations that you have created yourself. Artist and former Cass Art Student Ambassador Bethan Hilliard shows us how to make your own Christmas baubles -  guaranteed to make your tree that extra bit special!

To create your very own Christmas Baubles, here are the things that you will need:  

- 2 x Decopatch Bauble Set of 6

- Decopatch Paperpatch glue/varnish

- Jakar Glitter

- Rico Designs festive tape

- Reeves Glitter glue

- Decopatch paper

- Paper Mania Textured Card – coloured paper works too

- Marker pens in assorted basic and metallic colours

- Scissors

- Brushes – preferably ones you don’t mind using with glue!

1. Make a Decopatch bauble:

Simply cut or tear your chosen paper into small strips, coat the bauble with the Paperpatch glue and gently apply the paper over the top. If the paper wrinkles, you can smooth the folds either with your brush or with a fingernail. Don’t worry if the pattern on your paper doesn’t match up perfectly, it’s very difficult to do this on a rounded surface and the random effect will still look pretty! When the paper is dry, apply more Paperpatch glue to varnish the bauble and you’re done!

2. Make a Glitter Bauble:

For a more glittery bauble, you can coat one of your baubles in glue and either sprinkle on your chosen glitter or roll the bauble on a plate of it – both are quite messy methods, but the results quickly bring a bit of glitz to your tree!

3. Make a Present Bauble

You can also turn your bauble into a present using festive tape or card. To start, paint or draw a base colour onto your bauble and leave to dry. Once this is done, you can either wind strips of the glitter tape around your bauble to create a ribbon effect, or glue strips of card in place with the same effect. If your tape isn’t sticking well, you can cut the tape in half so that it fits to the shape of your bauble better, or stick it to a sheet of paper or card and then glue in place.

4. Make a Marker Bauble:

Marker pens are a quick way to create strong coloured baubles, and you can get them in a range of colours. To make a penguin bauble, start by drawing on the basic shape of its belly in white – you start with the lightest colours first, because the pens can sometimes resist other layers of pen being added, which is a lot harder to correct on a dark layer of pen. Then move on to drawing the black outline of the wings, and filling in the rest of the bauble. Once both parts are dry, you can draw on the beak, feet and eyes in whatever colour you like, and your penguin is complete!

5. Make a Textured Bauble:

Traditional baubles making you yawn? Try mixing up your festive decorations by creating wacky shaped and textured baubles! Thick cardstock can be used to create sturdy additions to the shape of your bauble – simply cut out small shapes to attach to the sides of the bauble, preferably with a small tab of card at the top to make it easier to stick in place. Paint your bauble with glue, place the shape down and hold in place until the glue sets. It might take a while to cover the entire bauble, but the result with definitely set your tree apart from the rest!

Hang up your handmade decorations and watch your tree come to life!

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