Michael Harding Oil Colour: Exclusive New Colour

Michael Harding Oil Colour: Exclusive New Colour

Posted by Cass Art on 3rd Jun 2018

Over the years, Michael Harding has brought us exceptionally beautiful pigments across a broad spectrum of colours. Manufacturing oil colour since 1982, each colour is handmade in the UK. He uses only the finest pigments, from Afghan Lapis Lazuli to real Chinese Vermilion, and is a celebrated favourite of artists worldwide, including David Hockney, Howard Hodgkin and Chris Ofili.

Discover the latest colours from Michael Harding's professional range before anyone else here at Cass Art, with our exclusive interview and first look into the newest colour to hit the high-street.



Green Gold boldly launched in January 2017 to add a splash of rich green to our palettes. We caught up with Michael Harding to find out more about his new shade.

What made you decide to add Green Gold to your collection of oil colours?

It is a pigment I have admired for many years, although essentially a modern colour. As a stand-alone pigment it brings to your painting a unique green that has its own elegance.

What is special about Green Gold?

When mixed it is ‘weird!’. When you first look at it as a single colour it is very interesting‎, however when mixed with other transparent colours it does extraordinary things. One wonders where the ‘third’ colour came from as it seems quite magical.

Which other colours can be mixed with Green Gold for surprising results? 

Mix any transparent colour with Green Gold and let that colour take you on a fascinating journey! Some of my favourite mixes are Alizarin Claret or Magenta along with Indian Yellow and Ultramarine Blue. There is only one organic pigment in Green Gold and as such this pigment is highly transparent and lightfast, giving it wonderful glazing properties and power.

Green Gold is exclusive to Cass Art until 24 March 2017. Get your 60ml tube at any Cass Art store or shop online here


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