Exclusive to Cass Art: Michael Harding Indigo

Exclusive to Cass Art: Michael Harding Indigo

Posted by Cass Art on 30th May 2018

Over the years, Michael Harding has brought us exceptionally beautiful pigments across a broad spectrum of colours. Manufacturing oil colour since 1982, each colour is handmade in the UK. He uses only the finest pigments, from Afghan Lapis Lazuli to real Chinese Vermilion, and is a celebrated favourite of artists worldwide, including David Hockney, Howard Hodgkin and Chris Ofili.

And now we're delighted to bring you Indigo - the latest colour added to Michael Harding's range of professional oil paints - sold exclusively here at Cass Art this summer. 


Indigo as a colour was first synthesised in 1878 in Germany and was named after the plant Indigofera Tinctoria. Michael Harding Indigo adds a beautiful deep, dark blue colour to painting palettes nationwide, and comes with all the intensity and the excellent lightfastness that fans of the brand know and love.

We spoke to Michael Harding himself to find out about his motivation to create this new shade:

“An outcry from artists for Indigo has been amassing for years. Finding and securing a true Indigo that meets my high standards is essential to me before I consider making an oil paint colour.  After careful testing of indigo pigments that can achieve my colour standard, I have finally found one that I like and with my formulation meets the criteria of an authentic Indigo.  My very rich, deep, dark indigo has an uncompromising quality and consistency along with all the hallmark characteristics of a Michael Harding product”.

Technical specification of Michael Harding Indigo:

Pigment type  Organic & inorganic
Oil content  High, linseed oil
Opacity covering  Transparent
Drying speed  Average
Lightfastness  Excellent
Tint power  High

Michael Harding Indigo is available exclusively at Cass Art this summer. You can find the 60ml tubes online and in Cass Art stores nationwide (via free click & collect in Liverpool and Birmingham). The larger 225ml tubes are available online.

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