Blundell Harling Drawing Boards

Based in Weymouth in Dorset, Blundell Harling specialise in drawing boards and technical drawing equipment. Their folding portable boards are particularly popular with students needing a board they can take into college, as well as with home workers who need to be able to tidy everything away easily. These are high-quality, reasonably priced boards, made in England and exported around the world to be used by students, professional artists, architects, engineers, designers and draughts people.
Blundell Harling
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  1. Blundell Harling Champion Mk 11 Drawing Board

    From £299.95 Save up to 21%

    Available in 2 sizes
  2. Blundell Harling Challenge Lightboard Drawing Board

    From £159.95 Save up to 20%

    Available in 2 sizes
  3. Blundell Harling Challenge Champion Drawing Board A1


  4. Blundell Harling Challenge Ferndown Drawing Board

    From £79.95 Save up to 27%

    Available in 2 sizes
  5. Blundell Harling Challenge Unit Drawing Board

    From £59.95 Save up to 15%

    Available in 2 sizes
  6. Blundell Harling Architectural Adjustable Set Square


  7. Blundell Harling 300mm Verulam Triangular Metric A Ruler


  8. Blundell Harling Architectural Drawing Aid Angle Line

    From £13.95

    Available in 2 sizes
  9. Blundell Harling Verulam Scale Ruler


  10. Blundell Harling Architectural Scale Rule Academy Triangular Scale