Da Vinci Artist Brushes

Da Vinci watercolour brushes are well renowned throughout the world, and proudly made in Germany. The range focuses on using the best materials and traditional craftsmanship together with technological progress, so you can be confident that these are brushes you can rely on. Watercolourists will love their black sable bristles, which are exceptionally smooth, but still more substantial than red sable bristles – great for realistic painting. The brand offers a varied range of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find the brush to suit your needs.

Da Vinci
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  1. Da Vinci Micro Maestro Kolinsky Red Sable Brush Set of 4

    RRP: £39.60 £31.25

  2. Da Vinci Micro-Nova Synthetic Watercolour Brush Set of 4

    RRP: £20.60 £16.50

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  3. Da Vinci Casaneo Synthetic Watercolour Short Stroke Brush

    RRP: £15.10 £14.50

Da Vinci Artist Brushes