Seawhite Modelling

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  1. Seawhite Modroc Roll Pack of 12


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  2. Seawhite Styrofoam Block 75mm Pack of 2


  3. Seawhite Styrofoam Block 50mm Pack of 3


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Seawhite Modelling

There's nothing like getting hand-on with materials, feeling the clay beneath your fingers and sculpting something three dimensional that can exist off the page. With our range of sculpting materials you can get started straight away! One of the best-known modelling clays around, Das clay from Daler Rowney comes in both white and terracotta varieties, and we also stock Pebeo's wide range of plasters and resins for casing just about anything. Roll your sleeves up and dream up those sculptures, because even if you start small with art, the sky is really the limit.