What to Pack to Make Art on Holiday

by Cass Art

We are launching our Sketch Your Summer campaign, because that's right - it's holiday season! The sun is shining (mostly), people are packing their suitcases and then jetting off for their various summer shenanigans. But don't think your art-making needs to stop just because you are going away - there are plenty of art products made especially for travel so you can sketch on the beach, draw on the plane and pack light with your art essentials.

We have put together a handy list of our pocket-sized products all artists can pack as their holiday art-kits this year. (Just don't forget your suncream!)

Cass Art Watercolour Postcard Pad

The perfect way to let your friends and family know just how much fun you're having on holiday - and show off your artistic skills. The Cass Art Postcard Pad does just what it says on the tin, paint your scene on 300gsm watercolour paper, tear off and post back home.

Winsor & Newton Field Box

The gadget for artists! So portable you could forget you even have it with you, the Field Box watercolour set from Winsor & Newton features 12 half pans, water container, brush, sponge AND palette. The set would easily fit in one hand, perfect for painting on the move.

Pentel Waterbrush

Designed especially for artists who like to sketch inside museums and galleries where paint pots are banned, Pentel's range of water brushes keep the water in the barrel of the brush and completely secure. You could even add goauche or pigment for colour. The nibs come in a range of fine, medium and broad so you won't be short for techniques and styles.

Inktense Blocks & Grippers

Inktense Blocks can be used like pastels alone, or with water as paint. Once dry the vibrant colour is unparalleled and disctinctly permanent. You can even use it on fabrics! The set of 12 is perfect for taking away with you as the colours allow for intermixing and are stored securely in their metal tin. Use the grippers to avoid your hands and fingers getting messy while you're away from the soap and sink!

Moleskine Sketchbooks

Famously used by Picasso and Van Gogh, Moleskines sketchbooks are championed by all artists. The 160gsm paper inside the Folio collection is designed specifically for tempera use and withstands a heavier technique than their regular notebooks. Cass Art stocks a range of watercolour Moleskines which are definitely worth trying out. Unlike most sketchbooks the Moleskine's trademark bound cover and elasticated band means your sketches can be held together safely and neatly while travelling. We've also launched some summery new colours to give that extra special something to your holiday sketching!

Feeling inspired?

Shop online now to collect your materials for your holiday, and don't forget to upload a photo of your travelling Cass Art Bag to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CassArt to be pinned to our Pinterest board.

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