Eyes For Art In Bristol With Clooch Magazine

by Cass Art

Bristol is where it’s at. A city of exponential creativity brimming over with talented artists, it’s hardly a surprise that a group of art hungry students would come together to launch a platform to showcase the talent around them. Featuring artists from across the globe, Clooch is a printed magazine that shares incredible emerging and undiscovered talent.

The team at Clooch have collated their favourite submissions, and we’d be the first to say they have a fantastic eye for talent, to create a newsprint magazine. What’s more, they’re offering copies of Clooch for free especially for the people of Bristol. Their idea is to provide a platform for artists as well as showcasing spectacular works to the public.

Impure Thoughts, Clooch Magazine 

The Clooch team is made up of inspired art students who are passionate about all things arts and understand how celebrating creativity will lead to great opportunities for artists around the world. Submissions for consideration will be accepted every month; both on our website and the hard copy. Launching in June 2015 and published monthly, Clooch can’t wait to share work from the best artists in the world and give the people of Bristol a creative talking point.

 One of the first artists Clooch featured is talented illustrator and mixed media creator, Nicole Sofia from Buenos Aries. There’s been an overwhelming response from her artwork. Check out the reflective narrative from of one of her collections:

“Cosas que me importan una mierda” (2014)

Once I told myself

That if I couldn’t create anything

I must be dead

All people have skin

But only a universal minority

Has the gorgeous privilege

Of feeling foreign surfaces

Defective visages

Are the pure reflection

Of an imperfect meat

Rotting under the urban sun”

Nicole diverges deeper into the contextual meaning of her art…

“Crude expressions, wrinkles full of stories, morbid factions, fake smiles and systematic glances. People adore finding themselves on television, on magazines or the newspaper.”

Nicole Sofia 

Feeling inspired?

Are you an aspiring artist? Follow Clooch Magazine on Twitter and find copes at The Arnolfini and Spike Island in Bristol.

Send in your own submissions for consideration to be published in their magazine.

Visit the Clooch Instagram here to find out more about Issue 1.

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Clooch Magazine 

Image Credits:

Daniel Segrove- Daniel Segrove 
Impure Thoughts - Diana Reinoso
Jono Kamester, Nicole Sofia.

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