Digital Art for all – the Sensu digital brush

by Cass Art

We believe in art at all hours, and our current favourite product is the Sensu brush and stylus. Compatible with almost any tablet, the Sensu allows you to design with a new level of sensibility.

We asked Graphic Design student, Georgia, to sample the Sensu and give you some feedback:

“I timidly set out with the Sensu Brush Pen to create a masterpiece. Using my friend’s iPad I downloaded ‘Sketchbook’ and ‘Art Set’. For a beginner these two applications give the range of traditional tools needed to develop your own style without overwhelming you with hundreds of digital techniques.

The brush itself is so easy to use. Like many other people, I wondered how the separate bristles would ever be picked up by the touch screen, but rest assured they really are! The creators of the brush worked closely with top Japanese cosmetic companies to develop bristles with all the traditional qualities of a paintbrush but with conductive elements too.”

Snowy Portrait of Cass Art’s flagship Islington store

After some playing around with the apps, I discovered that you can combine the features of oil paint with wax crayon, layer it with a marker pen and then dab away the excess with a sponge means that hours can be spent testing out the infinite combinations. This sketch is a prime example; I used both the brush and the stylus for coverage and detail. Don’t forget that you can zoom in on the canvas for microscopic detail – someone should develop that technology for a real canvas!

Oils Check

I am not confident with oil painting outside of the iPad so it was a great starter to play around digitally where the effects of the real materials are mimicked. The Sensu Brush Pen would be a great addition to any artist’s tool kit, particularly if they work with expensive materials – drafting out a sketch digitally means that you can experiment with colours and techniques on the screen and don’t waste paint in reality.

Sensu’s technology is fantastic for bridging the gap between the traditional artist and the digital future. If you own an iPad and feel artistically inclined then the Brush Pen is really a necessity. I’m considering buying an iPad just for the stylus! You can develop an idea more rapidly than ever and there’s no chance of your work being damaged, you can send it to a friend or colleague in the blink of an eye and it’s all automatically saved for you every second. I will be seriously grumpy if I don’t find one of these in my stocking this Christmas!

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