Former Staff gets the limelight at Edinburgh Fringe

by Cass Art

The former Cass Art staff member Rob Auton was awarded Dave's "Funniest Joke of the Fringe" this week, and Twitter and Facebook is abuzz with his name. But we know that Rob is a jack-of-all trades artist and not just 'a funny guy', so we wanted to congratulate Rob for his award and profile some of his other great work. We caught up with him about his time at Cass Art too...

Rob has been in Edinburgh with his poetry/comedy show The Sky Show (3-24 August 2013), a show that themes all its observations on birds, bees, clouds, stars...It follows on from the success of Rob's Yellow Show last year (all about yellow). Rob talks about one of his favourite things (the sky) for an hour (at 4pm) at the Banshee Labyrinth. Read more about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival here.

Otherwise Rob defines what he does as a combination of poetry and comedy, short stories, paintings and illustration. For those of you wondering how Rob splits all his time between those things, his brilliant website gives us a visual picture. Enjoy browsing all his work!

Rob on his most recent award  

"When I got the call I was very surprised to be honest as the joke isn't actually in my show that I have been doing in Edinburgh. One of the judges was at a comedy show where I was doing a ten minute guest slot. It was odd for me to win an award for a joke because I have probably only got one proper joke, that one. Most of the time I write poems and short stories so it was quite odd to have people asking me on the radio and television "what's the secret to a good joke?"

It was great to be on the regional news in Yorkshire though as my parents got to see it."

Rob's time at Cass Art

"Working in the Berwick Street store for nearly three years it gave me a better knowledge of the materials I now use to paint with at home. I became especially fond of Michael Harding oil paints and Sennelier oil pastels.  The amount of people I got to meet when they came in for their supplies was really inspiring with regard to writing poems and things like that.

John Hurt came in for a 2B pencil once but he wanted one with a rubber on the end and we didn't have the one he wanted. I also served Roy Walker from Catchphrase. I remember him calling me 'Son' quite a bit. I also got to meet Billy Childish who bought a rubber. I would always hear snippets of conversations in the shop and just hearing all the different people talking was great for me."

In our previous blog post on Rob, we showed you the video he made about life at Cass Art on a Footballer's salary...

A Footballer's Life For Me from Mark Chaudoir Films on Vimeo.

Lead photo of Rob Auton by photographer Julian Ward. With thanks and congratulations to Rob Auton.

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