Arts Thread: How To Get Your Talent Discovered

by Cass Art

Arts Thread isn't any old digital platform for art students and creative graduates - it features the cream of the crop, the tip of the top and exclusively champions emerging, fresh talent.

Co-founder Alex Brownless came to speak at Cass Art's Free Thinking event as part of Free Range 2014, delivering an extremely motivating talk for art graduates. We have collected his insight to share the tips and tricks for everyone to achieve creative success.

Why do I need Arts Thread? 

Arts Thread is unique in its connections and contacts. Having your own website is a step in the right direction, but how will you get future employers to look at it? With partners such as Creative Council, Pixar and V&A, your portfolio will be the first port of call for businesses seeking creative skills. There's no middle-man; Arts Thread takes NO cut from the money you receive from a business opportunity and it's completely free to sign up to. 

What makes Arts Thread different? 

It's niche. Instead of having your work sat alongside the trawl of cute kittens and memes available on other digital platforms, your pieces will sit in a purely professional environment. Employers can search the site based on location, university, specialism and level. That being said, Arts Thread is vastly international, spanning over 47 countries worldwide, so you could land yourself freelance or full-time work in Hong Kong while you're fast asleep in the depths of Devon. Arts Thread does the leg work for your work.  

Is that all that Arts Thread does? 

Not by a long stretch! Alongside a blog and magazine featuring inspirations and artist work, Arts Thread offers start up loans to students with ambitious projects and the opportunity to take part in mentoring schemes to give your ideas more support. More often that not, the lack of structure after university can be daunting for graduate artists, so this system is in place to help out with that.  

What if I haven't graduated yet? 

Not a problem - be you A-level or Foundation, BTEC or BA, you can still apply to submit your work. If you're yet to apply to a higher education course, thanks to the Universities/Schools section on the website, you can scroll to your heart's content to see which courses are out there and what kind of work their students produce. 

There's no time like the present, so why not get your best pieces from the year together and take some time to photograph them well, and upload them to Arts Thread? 

Feeling inspired?

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