Bridgeman Studio: How To License Your Artwork

by Cass Art

Ever wondered who licensed the Mona Lisa for the Da Vinci Code movie? Or Fabritius's painting The Goldfinch for the front of Donna Tartt's best-selling novel?

Image licensing is a key element for creative working in the industry today and something that is often overlooked by art students and graduates. Bridgeman Studio offers an exclusive student discount to not only protect your work, but to license it to help make you money. CEO Victoria Bridgeman came to speak at Free Thinking, a series of talks featuring professional insight for students and graduates as part of Free Range 2014 at the Old Truman Brewery.

We collected the need-to-know information from Bridgeman Studio if you missed the talk.

How do I get my work on the Bridgeman radar? 

The dedicated team at Bridgeman Studio know what to look for in a successful image. They are a team of commercial curators who will advise you on your pieces, so simply sign up and upload your five selected artworks.  

What should I do to prepare? 

Ensure you photograph your work properly; high quality images will allow your work to be used for a variety of purposes. Avoid shine from flash or photographing on an angle. If your work is diverse in style then you can include a selection of pieces - they needn't be a series. 

What will my work be used for? 

Bridgeman Studio is known mostly for book covers, clothing and prints, but there's so many printing techniques now that your image could be used for almost anything; posters, book covers, adverts, album artwork, as illustrations for articles or blogs...The Mona Lisa was used in the Hollywood blockbuster The Da Vinci Code, so there's even a possibility that your work could become a movie star! 

So what does Bridgeman Studio get out of this? 

Service is of upmost importance to Bridgeman Studio. The team at Bridgeman act as mediators between the artist and client to ensure the image keeps it's integrity and that the way the client uses it are appropriate. The exclusive student discount means membership will last for three years for only £50.  

How do the finances work? 

If your work hasn't sold during the first year you are entitled to withdraw from payment for the following two years. However Bridgeman Studio will continue to license your work and push for sales on your behalf. By signing up you will receive your own artists' page, reporting tool and global marketing strategy so you can monitor your profits and popularity.  

Feeling inspired?

Find out more and sign up for Bridgeman Studio here

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