Gift ideas for creative mark makers

by Cass Art

Stuck for creative gift ideas for the illustrator, designer or artist in your life? Never fear, we have some top gifting tips for artists and designers. Plus we’ve rounded up some darling gifts for designers, illuminating presents for illustrators, and professional quality goodies for graphic designers.

Creative gifting top tips

1: Look at their work.

Do they do lots of graphic drawing? If so perhaps a set of fine line pens would be a good option as a gift for a graphic designer or illustrator. Does their work involve painting and colour work? Why not check out some gouache paints or alcohol markers? These would make great gifts for artists and illustrators alike.

2: Artists, illustrators and graphic designers like to keep their work safe and dust-free, especially on the go.

Project bags and carry cases provide an ideal solution for both transporting and storing precious drawings and sketches. An archival box is also a very practical gift for illustrators, artists and graphic designers who need to archive old work.

3: Don’t be put off by the fact that most creative practitioners already have lots of equipment.

There is always a new pen, surface or colour shade yet to try. A new product can open up a world of pictorial possibilities so art gifs are always gratefully received.

Art gifts to treasure

Christmas and birthdays are a great opportunity for treating an artist, illustrator or graphic designer to the creative tools they love on the more luxury end of the scale. These gifts are a great investment. They are fantastic quality, ensuring not only ease of use when drawing, painting and designing but a more professional-looking overall finish. They are also hard-working, hard wearing and will last multiple uses, so a luxury art gift will be loved, used and re-used time and time again. Here’s four top-ticket gift ideas that any designer, illustrator, artist or graphic designer will treasure for years to come.

A box of delights

The tradition of creating exquisite, colourful ink drawings is an enduring one and loved by artists and illustrators alike. Faber-Castell has combined all the qualities of artist's inks with the fuss-free benefits of a modern, easy-to-use marker with its PITT Artist Pens. This luxury gift box  contains 60 PITT Artist Brush Pens in a range of sumptuous colours and hues to cater for a wide range of artistic and illustrative styles. The pigmented drawing ink is ideal for sketches, drawings, layouts, fashion design and illustration. It’s also very lightfast, meaning the work is not prone to discolour when exposed to light. The pens’ expressive brush nib is extremely durable and allows the artist to create narrow or broad strokes with ease. And it’s also amazing for contemporary hand-script.

The ultimate pencil case

Sketching and drawing is the foundation of so many graphic design, artistic and illustrative practices. While a quick sketch is often the way a design, artwork or illustration idea is first formed, observational drawing sharpens an artist’s eye and hones the illustrator’s line. That’s why this gorgeous wooden box of Derwent Sketching Pencils is a perfect gift for artists, illustrators and designers. Containing 72 drawing pencils, it provides an extensive range of mark-making finishes and effects to cover off a number of looks and styles, from loose and expressive to precise and refined. It’s an essential collection for landscape artists and artists whose drawing lies at the heart of their practice. This set contains three Water-soluble Graphitone sticks in 6B, 4B and 8B, 20 Graphic pencils (from soft and dark 9B to hard and light 9H), three Sketching pencils and three water-soluble Sketching pencils for mono work. For more tonal, colour pieces there are 15 Graphitint pencils, nine Drawing pencils, 13 Tinted Charcoal pencils and three Charcoal pencils all in deep earthy shades. The box also contains a blender and burnisher.

A top tracing tool

Many graphic designers, illustrators and artists need to accurately reproduce shapes and outlines from source material through tracing. A light box takes the strain out of this common practice, as it illuminates the image and makes it easy to trace over. At only 0.8cm deep, the Daylight Company’s Wafer Light Box is super thin, portable, and easy to use. As it comes in A4 and A3 sizes, it’s perfect for work on standard paper. Its dimmable LEDs provide an even spread of light from edge to edge for all-over accuracy and precision.

The perfect work station

A lot of graphic designers and illustrators flit from drawing board to scanner to laptop over the course of their day. An ideal gift for a graphic designer or illustrator would be a working space that could adapt to their various working practices (especially if there is a mixed media or craft dimension to their work). The Futura Craft Station is brilliant for drafting, drawing or crafting. The multi-functional table has a large, tempered, glass work surface that adjusts from flat to 35 degrees. This means you can lay things on top as you would a normal desk top or place at an angle to use as a drawing board. Because it’s a clear surface you can also shine a light beneath to transform it into a light box. Made from robust, heavy gauge steel, it’s a real professional quality piece of kit. The desk has a large pencil drawer, four removable slide-out trays for supplies and three slide-out drawers that mount on either side of the table. It’s perfect for working with all kinds of medium – and is the perfect gift.

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