How To: Montana Chalk Spray

by Cass Art

Sometimes the cold winter days can seem like a bit of a drag. But think of the sparkly Christmas lights, filling your stockings with new pens and pencils and the joy of the festive season ahead. And even better, why not bring some colour to your Christmas?

Enter Montana Chalk Spray. That's right - the vivid colour Montana is famed for and the temporary nature of chalk is now available in an easy to use spray! It's sure to brighten up those winter blues.

Launched in the summer, it's the perfect product for art in college, too, because you can make temporary art works and joint classroom murals - only to wash them away the next day.

Top Tips

The chalk spray can be used on non-porous surfaces such as paper, canvas, glass, walls, wood and plastic. There's almost nowhere that your Montana Chalk Spray will miss.

It is perfect for temporary mark making in the garden or plotting out an installation or sculpture, or indeed if you want to cover a surface with colour for a short period of time.

Chair spray painted yellow with new Montana Chalk Spray  

Think summer murals and events in the outdoors before those Autumn months descend. These environmentally friendly chalk-based pigments sprays will stay for several days to weeks depending on climate and weather conditions.

If you want the chalk to be made permanent, simple seal it with a varnish and it'll stick around for good.

Alternatively, simply wash away with water and your surface/pavement/dad's car will remain as good as new. (Although we really don't advise spraying it on your dad's car in the first place...) 

Montana Chalk Spray washed away on the pavement 

With ten colours to choose from, the chalk itself is intermixable with water meaning that you can achieve different blending styles, washes and layers.

Montana also offers a range of nozzle widths for you to achieve more intricate details within your design.

As with Montana spray paints, it's advised to tip the can upside down after use and spray until the tube within the can is clear for next time.

Always use in a well ventilated area and read the safety instructions before you begin.

Montana Chalk Spray Paint, in vivid colours yellow and blue

Feeling inspired? 

Prior to now, chalk spray has been a specialist requirement and arguably a nightmare to get your hands on, but now you can pick up yours in our Islington flagship or Soho stores, or buy it online

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